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Extremely dull and boring. If we have to sit through another mind-numbing lecture today, I'm going to need another cup of coffee!

numb out

1. To become numb to one's emotions or outside sensations as a result some physical or psychological stimulus or trauma. As a way of dealing with my depression and anxiety, I spent several years in college just numbing out with booze and video games. A large portion of the population is just numbing out when it comes to voting because they feel like the system is inherently broken.
2. To cause someone to become numb to their emotions or outside sensations as a result some physical or psychological stimulus or trauma. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "numb" and "out." The loss of my daughter in the accident completely numbed me out for the better part of 10 years. My doctor prescribed this medication to help me cope with my anxiety, but I find that it's been really numbing me out, so I might ask her about going off it for a while.
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numbed out

Rendered totally numb to emotions or sensations by some physical or psychological stimulus or trauma. My doctor prescribed this medication to help me cope with my anxiety, but I find that it's been making me feel really numbed out. The loss of my child in the accident left me completely numbed out for the better part of 10 years.
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rude slang A buffoon; a foolish, oafish person. Ever since that numbnuts took over the company, we've seen our monthly profits continually plummet. Look at this dent! Some numbnuts obviously slammed their door into my car in the parking lot today. You're in the wrong lane, numbnuts! Move mover!
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numbed out

mod. nearly paralyzed by phencyclidine (PCP). (Drugs.) The teenager was nearly numbed out when they brought her in.
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n. a jerk; a worthless person. (Usually a male.) Hey, numbnuts! What did you do that for?
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When Numb concentration is low, p53 concentration will also drop.
Using embryonic stem cells from mouse embryos, they again disabled Numb and Numbl while also engineering the cells to produce a glowing red protein, which would give away the CPCs' location.
once frozen, totally numb and in full contemplation mode, I decided it would be a good thing to let banks raise their fees and operate without any regulatory oversight, that the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Golden should be defunded as it supports spurious science, and, during one particularly painful portion of the oral surgery where special extra doses of pain-numbing medication were administered, I came up with the amazing idea that the way to jump-start the economy would be to re-authorize subprime mortgage loans.
"After 30 seconds, their hands and legs would be so numb they would lose their grip and would have no chance of grabbing a rope to be pulled out.
Christine, of Aberdare, said: "I was numb, just numb.
My fingertips were numb, and two fingers were white.
David Bowie provides guest vocals on Comfortably Numb and Arnold Layne - Gilmour's tribute to Syd Barrett - while David Crosby, Graham Nash and Robert Wyatt also contribute.
DECISIONS: Steven Gerrard may have an injection to numb his injured toe for England's game against Israel.
There are electro-disco confections aplenty, including "I Don't Feel Like Dancin"--the best floor-filler ever about playing the wallflower, complete with Elton John on piano--but the standout track comes toward the end, with all histrionics set aside for the captivating mid-tempo love song "Might Tell You Tonight." A band that can craft something this sublime doesn't need to lean heavily on bells and whistles to connect--there's nothing here as shameless as their breakthrough cover of "Comfortably Numb"--and they wisely keep glitzy shtick to a minimum throughout the stellar Ta-Dah.
And on a night when footy chiefs will doubtless once again make the seemingly simple look comically complex a pecuniary interest will at least numb the pain.
In These moving bodies, these numb processions (all works 2005), the men move in a herd across the landscape, seemingly without will or purpose, while in Oh, how the heartless haunt us all they gaze out numbly at the viewer.
One can only presume we have become numb to the effects of our militarism and the violence that is perpetrated by the government in our name.