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Extremely dull and boring. If we have to sit through another mind-numbing lecture today, I'm going to need another cup of coffee!

numbed out

mod. nearly paralyzed by phencyclidine (PCP). (Drugs.) The teenager was nearly numbed out when they brought her in.
See also: numb, out
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Metastatic prostate adenocarcinoma associated with numb chin syndrome.
I hope Give Me The Night is my Comfortably Numb though.
I felt this warm sensation flood over me, and then I went numb," says Judy, who is now 17 and asked that we not use her last name or picture.
The ex-England and Ever-ton star was complaining that the left side of his face was numb, said the paper.
Barbara Sullivan Roehrig, a distance runner, was a junior in college when half her body went numb.
l The Sunday night club Numb will be holding another one of it's extravaganzas tonight.
What kind of numb soul does the station programmer take me to be that, in two revolutions of the second hand, I am supposed to be able to contemplate genocide and Jeeps with equanimity?
My thighs are bruised and numb from the long needles.
Carl Spiller, 41, is manager at the Comfortably Numb coffee shop in the Castle Arcade which endorses the Third World-friendly products.
I was at school and my right index finger became so numb I couldn't control my pen", she says.
When he did this, his mouth tingled and began to go numb.
A friend said: 'Her legs went numb and decided to go to hospital as a precaution.
If you do one thing too much, people get numb to it.
She's very serious about the adaptive saddle and tack she designed, which compensate for poor balance and numb hands.
Paul McMenamin rounded off the weekend with a visit to a niteclub in Katy Daly's at Ormeau Avenue, Belfast, and found himself comfortably Numb.