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Extremely dull and boring. If we have to sit through another mind-numbing lecture today, I'm going to need another cup of coffee!

numb out

1. To become numb to one's emotions or outside sensations as a result some physical or psychological stimulus or trauma. As a way of dealing with my depression and anxiety, I spent several years in college just numbing out with booze and video games. A large portion of the population is just numbing out when it comes to voting because they feel like the system is inherently broken.
2. To cause someone to become numb to their emotions or outside sensations as a result some physical or psychological stimulus or trauma. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "numb" and "out." The loss of my daughter in the accident completely numbed me out for the better part of 10 years. My doctor prescribed this medication to help me cope with my anxiety, but I find that it's been really numbing me out, so I might ask her about going off it for a while.
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numbed out

Rendered totally numb to emotions or sensations by some physical or psychological stimulus or trauma. My doctor prescribed this medication to help me cope with my anxiety, but I find that it's been making me feel really numbed out. The loss of my child in the accident left me completely numbed out for the better part of 10 years.
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vulgar slang A buffoon; a foolish, oafish person. "Nuts" is a vulgar slang term for testicles. Ever since that numbnuts took over the company, we've seen our monthly profits continually plummet. Look at this dent! Some numbnuts obviously slammed their door into my car in the parking lot today. You're in the wrong lane, numbnuts! Move mover!

numbed out

mod. nearly paralyzed by phencyclidine (PCP). (Drugs.) The teenager was nearly numbed out when they brought her in.
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n. a jerk; a worthless person. (Usually a male.) Hey, numbnuts! What did you do that for?
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In the present study, the researchers take a closer look at the role of Numb in these tumors.
For example, they are still working on optimizing the temperature to numb the skin and are also working on miniaturizing the device.
Prescriptions are meant to treat common dental problems; however, when antibiotics and medications have limited or no effect in treating numb ness, clinicians should view this lack of response as a sign of urgency.
2 : unable to think, feel, or react normally (as because of great fear, surprise, or sadness) She was numb after hearing the startling news.
Christine, of Aberdare, said: "I was numb, just numb.
The US version reportedly contains wasibi and cinnamon to numb the mouth and throat to simulate the effect of taking cocaine.
My fingertips were numb, and two fingers were white.
David Bowie provides guest vocals on Comfortably Numb and Arnold Layne - Gilmour's tribute to Syd Barrett - while David Crosby, Graham Nash and Robert Wyatt also contribute.
DECISIONS: Steven Gerrard may have an injection to numb his injured toe for England's game against Israel.
And on a night when footy chiefs will doubtless once again make the seemingly simple look comically complex a pecuniary interest will at least numb the pain.
The whole experience of the death and dismemberment of soldiers and civilians, vividly described, and the confusion of battle engender such feelings of uselessness and helplessness in him that he becomes numb, unable to act on moral choices he once knew to be right.
One can only presume we have become numb to the effects of our militarism and the violence that is perpetrated by the government in our name.
I feel the fullness of being empty Right now there is comfort in feeling numb Empty space is not the same as no space.
Certainly, not every officer deals with stress and trauma by abusing chemicals, and not every officer who chooses to abuse chemicals does so to numb the effects of trauma.