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No nukes!

(ˈno ˈnuks and ˈno ˈnjuks)
exclam. a cry against nuclear energy, weapons, submarines, etc. No nukes! Make my electricity the old-fashioned way.


1. n. a nuclear weapon. Are there nukes aboard that ship?
2. tv. to destroy someone or something. (As with a nuclear weapon.) Your cat ran through my garden and totally nuked my flowers!
3. tv. to microwave something. I have to nuke my dinner and then I will be right over.

Nuke it!

tv. Throw it away! You don’t need this thing. Nuke it!
See also: nuke

nuke oneself

tv. to tan oneself at a tanning salon. I nuke myself once a week in the spring so I will be ready for the summer bikini season.
See also: nuke
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Colorfront Engine for Nuke is fully-ACES compliant, and contains a library of looks, based on traditional film characteristics and specialized synthetically based looks, which can be blended together.
Turns out the problem with the nation's current nuclear arsenal is that it was designed for the era of Mutually Assured Destruction, those MAD, halcyon days when nukes were intended to end civilization as we know it with a Strangelovian exchange of nuclear megatonage.
Davison did his first Nuke the Soup live performance at Delaware's Dewey Beach Music Conference in 2006 and is currently planning a debut tour.
We're thrilled that Amazon Lab126 is using Nuke My Device in device refurbishment as well as in product testing," commented Ian Matthews, president of Avenger Mobile.
The world powers urged Iran to take necessary measure to prove the peacefulness of its nuke program.
We are thrilled Stephan came here to the UK to speak to our global audience about NUKE at our live streaming event," says The Foundry's CEO, Bill Collis.
IAEA leading members are ignoring the Israeli nuke threat to the whole Middle
Several serving and retired US officials have claimed that Washington has appointed special officers to look after Islamabad's nukes, to ensure that they don't fall into the hands of militant groups such as the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.
Korea wants to solve nuke problem through talks: report
Let it nuke its own land, water and atmosphere with these politically motivated tests.
Residents can air their grievances to West Midlands Police and Birmingham City Council at Long Nuke Hall, Long Nuke Road, from 7pm.
SELLAFIELD bosses BNFL want permission to ignore public safety worries when they are building new nuke reactors.
This month, we focus on an aspect of the nuclear threat that has received far less coverage: the Bush Administration's effort to produce a "low-yield" nuke to use in otherwise conventional warfare.
To deal with the potential danger, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), the government agency responsible for nuke safety, is taking action--not to force utilities to fix the problem, but to ease the rules so the nukes can stay open without being repaired.
9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Nuke Optics today introduced VENOM, its patent-pending modular eyewear design system.