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no nukes

A position of opposition to or protest against nuclear weapons or nuclear energy. This part of the country has been loudly and proudly proclaiming "No Nukes" since the rise of nuclear power in the 1960s. The president has signified that she will only sign the treaty if the other country commits to no nukes in the future.
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1. noun, slang A nuclear warhead. Both countries have been stockpiling nukes for decades.
2. verb, slang To heat something in a microwave. A: "Do you want me to save you some?" B: "No, I'll just order take out or nuke something from the freezer." The food has been sitting out for a while, so you may need to nuke it for a minute or two.
3. verb, slang To tan one's skin in a tanning bed. I've started nuking myself once a week for 10 minutes just to add some color.

No nukes!

(ˈno ˈnuks and ˈno ˈnjuks)
exclam. a cry against nuclear energy, weapons, submarines, etc. No nukes! Make my electricity the old-fashioned way.
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1. n. a nuclear weapon. Are there nukes aboard that ship?
2. tv. to destroy someone or something. (As with a nuclear weapon.) Your cat ran through my garden and totally nuked my flowers!
3. tv. to microwave something. I have to nuke my dinner and then I will be right over.

Nuke it!

tv. Throw it away! You don’t need this thing. Nuke it!
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nuke oneself

tv. to tan oneself at a tanning salon. I nuke myself once a week in the spring so I will be ready for the summer bikini season.
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In a world where you can go online and learn everything you need to know about After Effects, Nuke and Flame, from the basics all the way through to deep compositing, it is essential that users are able to quickly access learning material in order to easily progress to more complex tasks.
If nukes are to ride to the rescue, we need a few on the horizon now.
Not surprisingly, the nations with nukes have not signed onto anything that would take away their deterrent factor, and, of course, Iran is hellbent on getting nukes for itself.
We took on Nuke during 'Avatar' for its stereo capabilities," says Ben Morris, vfx supervisor at Framestore.
Our little nukes wilt in the face of the explosion that wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.
BUNKER BUSTER THE FRIENDLY NUKE WAS LAUNCHED by the Friends Committee on National Legislation recently.
One study specifically examined the way one HIV med, Viread, affects the kidneys (abstract 820) by examining measures of kidney function in 344 HIV+ patients who were using Viread compared to 314 patients using a different nuke.
The Bush administration is trying to sell the funding for the nuke program as pure research that won't necessarily lead to weapons production.
In the meantime, he and his younger brother Nuke disobey the American edict about not landing on the ancestral island of Tar Moj, All day on Good Friday, Rujen has an ominous feeling.
Well, it looks like Congress had better do something, and maybe we need a very small nuke thrown off on Foggy Bottom to shake things up," Robertson remarked during the earlier interview.
At this point, the Hazer-in-Chief says he only wants to develop the nuke lites, not to use them.
But, he said, the biggest concern was Russia's poor record of operating nuke plants.
Repollo said the group would block any attempt to revive the nuke plant in Congress, urging President Duterte to channel government resources into finding 'safer, more reliable, and environment-friendly' sources of energy 'that will truly benefit the Filipino people.