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no nukes

A position of opposition to or protest against nuclear weapons or nuclear energy. This part of the country has been loudly and proudly proclaiming "No Nukes" since the rise of nuclear power in the 1960s. The president has signified that she will only sign the treaty if the other country commits to no nukes in the future.
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1. noun, slang A nuclear warhead. Both countries have been stockpiling nukes for decades.
2. verb, slang To heat something in a microwave. A: "Do you want me to save you some?" B: "No, I'll just order take out or nuke something from the freezer." The food has been sitting out for a while, so you may need to nuke it for a minute or two.
3. verb, slang To tan one's skin in a tanning bed. I've started nuking myself once a week for 10 minutes just to add some color.
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No nukes!

(ˈno ˈnuks and ˈno ˈnjuks)
exclam. a cry against nuclear energy, weapons, submarines, etc. No nukes! Make my electricity the old-fashioned way.
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1. n. a nuclear weapon. Are there nukes aboard that ship?
2. tv. to destroy someone or something. (As with a nuclear weapon.) Your cat ran through my garden and totally nuked my flowers!
3. tv. to microwave something. I have to nuke my dinner and then I will be right over.

Nuke it!

tv. Throw it away! You don’t need this thing. Nuke it!
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nuke oneself

tv. to tan oneself at a tanning salon. I nuke myself once a week in the spring so I will be ready for the summer bikini season.
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As for Nickaroo93's group, they plan to be more responsible and claim they're only studying how the nukes can affect the game.
It takes me a little while to figure out the 3D camera tracker in Fusion -- not because of complexity, it works very similarly to that of Nuke, and in all honesty the two products are incredibly similar.
The chance of a nuclear exchange triggered by miscalculation, miscommunication, or panic also increases with deployment of battlefield nukes. The command and control chain would be stretched with more authority delegated to field officers.
If nukes are to ride to the rescue, we need a few on the horizon now.
And the grassroots No Nukes campaign will begin to take its place as one of history's most successful popular movements.
Claims that society must choose between fossil fuels and nukes are 100% false.
"We took on Nuke during 'Avatar' for its stereo capabilities," says Ben Morris, vfx supervisor at Framestore.
Our little nukes wilt in the face of the explosion that wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.
In order to implement the strategy, Macedonia will have to provide 4 billion euros for the scenario without a nuke and 5 billion euros for the scenario with a nuke.
"Nuke the fridge" refers to the scene in which our hero finds himself trapped in a nuclear testing zone seconds before the government is about to detonate an A-bomb.
After two passionate kisses last fall, the couple affectionately known as "Nuke" reverted to hugs and knowing glances.
Having just read your Inside Track story "North Korea Nuke Crisis: Made in the U.S.A." (October 30, 2006), I have to add my opinion.
Pyongyang business as usual after nuke test announcement
The rip-roaring climax puts readers in the situation room as President James "Mac" MacPherson races against time to take out an Iraqi ICBM fitted with a nuclear warhead, finally deciding to pre-emptively nuke Baghdad and Tikrit to remove the threat.