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make a nuisance of (oneself)

To become a source of disruption, irritation, or difficulty (for someone or something). We have to make a nuisance of ourselves, or these companies will never take our complaints seriously. I'm sorry to be making a nuisance of myself, but the boss told me to shadow you while you work and ask any questions I might have.
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make a nuisance of oneself

to be a constant bother. I'm sorry to make a nuisance of myself, but I do need an answer to my question. Stop making a nuisance of yourself and wait your turn.
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make a nuisance of oneself

Bother or annoy others, as in That child is making a nuisance of himself.
See also: make, nuisance, of

make a nuisance of yourself

cause trouble and annoyance, usually deliberately or avoidably.
See also: make, nuisance, of

a/the ˈdevil of a job, nuisance, fellow, etc.

(old-fashioned) a difficult or an unpleasant example of something: We’re going to have a devil of a job getting the roots of that tree out of the ground.
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The Swahns eventually sought to nonsuit their public nuisance claim but the Hussains objected, as was their right, because they had a pending counterclaim.
However, the city council 7-1 voted Wednesday to make permanent the nuisance ordinance, which Cogley defended by saying it is narrowly tailored and targets behavior.
Noise nuisance has been reduced by military air traffic; the nuisance caused by civil aviation at the national level remains approximately the same.
Earlier this month telemarketing firm AMS Marketing Ltd was fined PS100,000 after making more than 75,000 nuisance calls about compensation for road traffic accidents.
Only despicable dregs of society partake in making these sick and evil nuisance and hate calls and emails.
In 2016/17, the Information Commissioner issued fines for nuisance marketing of more than PS1.9m to 23 companies.
The surgery is on Monday, May 14, from 1pm to 2.30pm at the Allan Centre in Bridge of Allan, and will give people the opportunity to get advice and support on how to deal with nuisance calls and to share their experiences.
It comes during a clampdown on nuisance bikes, quad bikes and off-road bikes by police in Kirklees.
Unfortunately for the residents, the nuisance bikers are normally long gone before the police arrive and so tend to get away without being collared.
The origins of agricultural nuisance can be traced back more than four hundred years to William Aldred's Case in 1610.
CITIES in Scotland have the highest rates of nuisance calls in the UK, researchers have discovered.
'Fine the bosses' over nuisance phone calls BOSSES of companies responsible for nuisance phone calls should be punished in an attempt to clamp down on the "deeply distressing" marketing tactic, MPs have heard.