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make a nuisance of oneself

to be a constant bother. I'm sorry to make a nuisance of myself, but I do need an answer to my question. Stop making a nuisance of yourself and wait your turn.
See also: make, nuisance, of

make a nuisance of oneself

Bother or annoy others, as in That child is making a nuisance of himself.
See also: make, nuisance, of

make a nuisance of yourself

cause trouble and annoyance, usually deliberately or avoidably.
See also: make, nuisance, of

a/the ˈdevil of a job, nuisance, fellow, etc.

(old-fashioned) a difficult or an unpleasant example of something: We’re going to have a devil of a job getting the roots of that tree out of the ground.
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I only wish to say--in case you are thinking of my convenience as your guest--that it will be no nuisance to
PEOPLE in the North East waste more than two working days each year dealing with nuisance calls, texts and emails.
Blocking nuisance and scam phone calls THE UK Government has given the first indication that it is backing Age Cymru's campaign call to provide call blocking devices to older people who are troubled by nuisance and scam callers.
What can I do if I am suffering from noise nuisance caused by neighbours?
Request for Proposal Project year 2015 aquatic nuisance control grants
The officers, dedicated to removing nuisance bikes from the streets of Kirklees, are looking back on a successful summer.
65 million home entrepreneurs are plagued by nuisance calls.
Noise would become a nuisance when it is an unlawful interference with a person's use or enjoyment of land, or of some right over, or in connection with it.
AMONGST the conditions during the recent Champions Trophy in South Africa that spectators had to meet was to not carry any " nuisance items" inside the grounds.
The National Paint and Coatings Association (NPCA), which filed an amicus brief with the Rhode Island Supreme Court in the state's public nuisance action against former lead pigment manufacturers (Rhode Island v.
On two successive Sunday evenings I've had complaints of mini-moto noise nuisance around the New Hall Valley country park and on roads leading off Birmingham Road.
A public nuisance is defined as "an unreasonable interference with a right common to the general public," and under public nuisance theory, governments may seek to compel the party responsible to abate the nuisance.
Negligence allegations generally form the core of tort actions for environmental contamination, but nuisance and trespass claims also have particular value in the right case.
The 17-year-old continued to cause his neighbours a nuisance by playing loud music despite being served with a formal notice by council officials.
Launching a new offensive on gangs, City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo and the Los Angeles Police Department are using public nuisance laws and civil lawsuits to oust gangsters from the homes where they hang out.