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make a nuisance of (oneself)

To become a source of disruption, irritation, or difficulty (for someone or something). We have to make a nuisance of ourselves, or these companies will never take our complaints seriously. I'm sorry to be making a nuisance of myself, but the boss told me to shadow you while you work and ask any questions I might have.
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make a nuisance of oneself

to be a constant bother. I'm sorry to make a nuisance of myself, but I do need an answer to my question. Stop making a nuisance of yourself and wait your turn.
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make a nuisance of oneself

Bother or annoy others, as in That child is making a nuisance of himself.
See also: make, nuisance, of

make a nuisance of yourself

cause trouble and annoyance, usually deliberately or avoidably.
See also: make, nuisance, of

a/the ˈdevil of a job, nuisance, fellow, etc.

(old-fashioned) a difficult or an unpleasant example of something: We’re going to have a devil of a job getting the roots of that tree out of the ground.
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The Scottish Government shares the frustration of those affected that there has been a lack of legislative progress to date, but we will continue to press UK Ministers to do more to stop nuisance calls, including exploring a model which automatically opts people out of unwanted calls and greater powers to prosecute those companies who are found to be responsible.
Nuisance may likewise be classified as nuisance per se or nuisance per accidens.
If an abatement notice is ignored and a nuisance continues, then the person responsible can be prosecuted and fined up to [pounds sterling]5,000.
Part IV focuses on the modern application of nuisance doctrine and the shift toward protection of agricultural interests.
are calling on the Scottish Government's nuisance calls commission to tackle the problem.
These fines include PS295,000 for companies offering call blocking or nuisance call prevention services.
The ICO also imposed penalties that were related to nuisance marketing in 2015, which amounted to a total of GBP1,135,000.
Risk is another major theme in this special issue, and the urban hazards examined in the preceding articles are perhaps disserved by the term nuisance, which does not quite convey the real dangers involved with living and working in contaminated environments.
The campaign, 'Taking Nuisance Calls out of Wirral,' has 1,000 call blocking devices available free to eligible residents.
One in 10 say they are pestered by nuisance calls every day.
A: DEC does not remove nuisance wild animals from homes, but the department's Division of Fish, Wildlife and Marine Resources will refer you to a nuisance-wildlife trapper who can help.
WEBSTER - Move over Batman and Robin, there's a new dynamic duo in town, and they are out to clean up the town's neighborhoods and streets one nuisance building and nefarious absentee landlord at a time.
IN Amsterdam, nuisance families are set to be rehoused in studio-style shipping containers as part of a crackdown on anti-social behaviour.
THE majority of people do not believe food waste collections are a nuisance and want all councils to provide the service, a survey suggested today.