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Eye-opening and filled with delightful nuggets of truth, What We Talk About When We Talk About Books offers no nostalgia for a more tranquil reading past but rather a hopeful glimpse into an essential reading future.
Telling Mr Yakovenko "you have some audacious arguments", cross-party group chairman, Labour MP Chris Bryant added: "We have to presume you believe what you say but we find it very difficult to believe there are even nuggets of truth in there."
Readers will find nuggets of truth which lie hidden away in Braxton's detailed account, begging to be discovered, mined, polished and recognized as true gems of treasured wisdom.
Because if you mine further the implications or meanings of what he says and does, or plans to do, you'll discover some nuggets of truth and ideas worth pursuing.
Examine it for the nuggets of truth, and then disregard the rest.
NUGGETS OF TRUTH Peter Andre in his advert for Iceland
Nuggets of truth, teaching points are along the bottom of each page, while the top has the story line with sweet illustrations.
The Rational Thinkers: They can extract the nuggets of Truth from the chaff that is put before them.
While this article took a fairly lighthearted look at the sports comparison and cliches as they apply to project management, hopefully there were some nuggets of truth and good advice hidden within.
The Price Of Everything isn't just a moral commentary but a fascinating insight into universal human behaviour, with little-known nuggets of truth and wisdom on every page.
"They aren't Christmas cracker jokes - hopefully there are nuggets of truth in them - but although it's not political and won't change the world, it can lift people."
Gone, at least for now, are the days when the commercial leasing rumor mill was abuzz with juicy gossip, speculation, conjecture and its share of gold nuggets of truth, too.
It's just one of the little nuggets of truth the presenter and homes guru throws into the conversation when talking about Property Ladder.
I believe, though, that even when the Da Vinci Code is itself de-coded, even when the small nuggets of truth are separated from the huge amount of dross, something remains.
The reader will be armed with nuggets of truth about how to navigate through the often nebulous, unpredictable waters known as corporate America.