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give (someone) a nudge

To give someone a mild or gentle reminder, directive, or word of encouragement. If your friends haven't already donated to our charity, give them a nudge this year to help in the fight against poverty. John is a good student, but sometimes I need to give him a little nudge to do his homework.
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nudge nudge (wink wink)

spoken A phrase spoken after a statement which emphasizes or points out a euphemistic underlying meaning or innuendo. To be honest, we didn't see many sights on our vacation. We spent most of the time in bed, though there wasn't much sleeping, nudge nudge, wink wink!
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wink wink (nudge nudge)

spoken A phrase spoken after a statement which emphasizes or points out a euphemistic underlying meaning or innuendo. To be honest, we didn't see many sights on our vacation. We spent most of the time in bed, though there wasn't much sleeping, wink wink, nudge nudge!
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nudge (someone) into (doing) (something)

To gently coax, persuade, or convince someone into some situation or to do something. I had never really intended to get married, but my girlfriend really wanted to and eventually nudged me into the decision. You have to nudge people into making changes in their lifestyle; they really don't like being pressured or guilted into it.
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nudge (someone or something) (somewhere)

To gently push someone or something into a place, area, or position. I could tell John was nervous about being at a party with people he didn't know, so I nudged him into the room. Would you mind nudging the table out of the way a little?
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a nudge and a wink

A sly, subtle signal used to communicate a piece of information that one doesn't want to state aloud, publicly, or directly. Sometimes hyphenated if used as a modifier before a noun. One clever little moment in the film is a nudge and a wink to fans of the original books. Even though I didn't have a work permit, a lot of smaller business would still hire me with a nudge and a wink. The governor wants to clamp down on the nudge-and-a-wink attitude of police officers who look the other way when drivers have a bit more to drink than they should have.
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1. noun Someone who is constantly or persistently pestering, badgering, or irritating someone, especially with complaints or criticisms. God, you've been such a nudge lately. You need to lighten up! He turned into a real nudge as we got closer to the deadline.
2. verb To complain or criticize in a constant, irritating manner. Instead of just nudging the whole time, why no actually try to help us get this done? If you're going to nudge the whole drive, I'll just turn this car around and take all of us home.
3. verb To pester, badger, or irritate someone constantly or persistently, especially with complaints or criticisms. I wish you would stop nudging me about the project—I already told you I had everything under control! I wish she wouldn't nudge me like that. I'll do the dishes in due time!

nudge aside

1. To move someone or something out of one's path with a gentle push or bump. I had to nudge people aside so we could reach the exit. Just nudge aside those boxes if you need more room.
2. To remove someone from a position of power or authority, especially subtle, conniving, or duplicitous means. After promoting my son-in-law to vice president of the company, I get the feeling that he's trying to nudge me aside completely. The board voted to discreetly nudge aside the CEO following his public breakdown.
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nudge someone or something aside

to push or bump someone or something out of the way. We nudged the old man aside and went on ahead. She nudged aside the cat to make room on the sofa.
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a nudge and a wink

You say a nudge and a wink to mean a way of talking about a rude or unpleasant subject in an indirect way. We still find it difficult to talk about these private matters openly, resorting instead to a nudge and a wink. Note: This expression is very variable. I'm tired of all the nods, all the nudges and the winks. No one is actually brave enough to say it directly to my face. Note: You sometimes hear people say nudge-nudge, wink-wink before a noun, with the same meaning. There have been a number of nudge-nudge, wink-wink rumours in the tabloid newspapers, suggesting the Minister was having an affair. Note: This expression became popular as a result of the 1970s British TV comedy series `Monty Python's Flying Circus'. One of the characters in a sketch made suggestive remarks and followed them by saying `nudge-nudge, wink-wink, say no more'. People sometimes nudge each other or wink at each other as a way of hinting at something.
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a nudge and a wink

encouragement given secretly or implicitly; covert support.
Both a nudge and a wink are covert signs of complicity, with wink also having the implication of ‘shutting your eyes’ to something.
1998 Times There was a nudge and a wink at some mercenary help that in the end proved unnecessary.
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nudge nudge (wink wink)

used to draw attention to an innuendo, especially a sexual one, in the previous statement. informal
This expression is a catchphrase from Monty Python's Flying Circus, a British television comedy programme.
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ˌnudge ˈnudge, ˌwink ˈwink


a ˌnudge and a ˈwink

used to suggest something to do with sex without actually saying it: They’ve been spending a lot of time together, nudge nudge, wink wink.
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and noodge (nʊdʒ)
1. n. someone who nags. Sally can be such a nudge!
2. in. to nag. Don’t noodge all the time.
3. tv. to nag someone. Stop nudging me about that.
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Decisions that are based on such a decision-making process can be improved by nudging. Therefore, if you know that a salad is indeed an ideal meal, then placing it among the first three items on the menu will ensure that a person will at least consider this meal and maybe also choose it.
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While advocates of nudging might point out that she could opt out of the pension, the worker might not be aware of its detrimental impact, or her relative lack of free time and resources could make opting out significantly more challenging for her than an affluent person, a phenomenon known in economics as an "effort tax" (p.
Former UK Prime Minister David Cameron's Behavioral Insights Team was the first government agency focussed on nudging, or nudge unit, in the world, and was soon followed by other governments, including former US President Barack Obama's Social and Behavioral Science Team.
(32) It remains unclear what added value comes from government nudging citizens toward weight control.
One of the strongest arguments in favor of nudging is that choices about how choice architecture should be designed are inevitable.
The basic framework for nudging health gains through nutritional labels is deceptively simple.
The nudging used in dynamical downscaling is currently applied in two different ways: analysis nudging [33] and spectral nudging [34].
For some of the subjects of nudging, the exercise of agency is a cost rather than a benefit; voter registration is the most prominent case in point.
Nudging, or the subtle design of the context of choice in a way that mobilises the unconscious mind and alters human behaviour predictably (Thaler and Sunstein, 2008), has come under severe criticism for entailing numerous practical and ethical problems.
Rai Niaz Ahmad addressing the participants as Chief Guest in the inaugural session said, the conference is aimed at exploring agriculture productivity improvement through nudging, a technique that influences people towards desirable behaviour.
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But she misjudged the shot, nudging out her own stone instead while her shooter ran too far, leaving Canada with two stones closer to the button, a result that gave Canada a steal of two for a 6-3 lead.