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I have argued that there are differing media temporalities at play in celebrity culture today, typically connected with different media: on one hand, a temporality of nowness, plenty, and continuity on social media and YouTube (the value of permanent uploads and direct communication), and on the other hand, a temporality characterized by scarcity, sporadic media appearances, and distance in space.
What did he do yet other/riding the Axile Tree?" The mode Jones used-highly idiosyncratic, non-chronological, and mixing common speech with profound reflections on the divine in history--was meant to express the "nowness" that he deemed essential to poetry.
Brandon described three important elements in Zen--hindering, nowness, and compassion.
* Nowness. School work and knowledge acquisition are compressed into short, stand alone units that are disconnected from each other.
Those who believe in the reality of global warming (notice, Torontonians, that it is, at time of writing, the beginning of December and the temperature is still well above zero) and the devastation of the environment appear to be in such a minority that they feel helpless, while the rest have long ago succombed to the capitalist lure of 'nowness' (you'll be soooo happy if you get that new car, the latest pop CD, the very newest shampoo, deodorant or perfume, the very latest in clothing, and have sex, sex, sex at every opportunity--how can you spare even a moment to think about 'the future of the culture' or some such troubling and difficult sort of thing, best left to impotent academics).
Have I ever approached a meal with such pleasure or "nowness?"
Because of its tendency toward "nowness," the media does a poor job of presenting images that reflect long-term problems such as environmental problems.
Thus, for instance, ultrasound's ability to reveal fetal movements in "real time," like "live" television, imparts a feeling of "nowness" that promotes a sense of immediate contact with the fetus on the screen.
On the one hand, presence is spatial in the sense of proximity, on the other hand it is temporal in the sense of nowness; 'the present'.
Nowness. In urban schools, learning is offered in discrete jolts.
A refreshing sense of nowness has infiltrated its profile and, no doubt thanks to director Anthony Dowell, the Royal seems to emit an air of inspired sassiness and passion.
But not just failure, no, he admitted; it also bespoke a wanderlust, a need to take the nowness of his life into the next thing, into newness--she was listening keenly now, a reed of a lady angled into the blowing force of this prolixity--and it was this newness, it was the flow, that nourished him.
2), 'the time variable is rather like a straight line on which a point marked "The Now" moves uniformly and inexorably.' Santayana, more poetically, wrote, 'The essence of nowness runs like fire along the fuse of time.'(4) The arrow of time, one could say, points in the direction in which time flows, moves, lapses, or runs.
Soon we shall wake from a century's sleep like the fabled waterlily, Victoria Regina, out of whose waxy whiteness springs all & everything - the enormous flowering into nowness.
If our nowness is infinitely precious, equally empty appear the time-spaces hemming it in.