nowhere to be found/seen

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nowhere to be found

Unable to be discovered; completely gone or vanished. I swear I was just holding them in my hand, but now my keys are nowhere to be found! The box says it comes with batteries, but they're nowhere to be found.
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nowhere to be ˈfound/ˈseen

(also nowhere in ˈsight) impossible to find: They searched the house but the necklace was nowhere to be found.By the time I arrived at the station, the others were nowhere in sight.
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References in classic literature ?
When the book was finished and I came to look around to see what had become of the team I had originally started out with-- Aunt Patsy Cooper, Aunt Betsy Hale, and two boys, and Rowena the lightweight heroine--they were nowhere to be seen; they had disappeared from the story some time or other.
He was nowhere to be seen as the first-team squad returned to their Ralston training base to begin pre-season preparations on Monday amid suggestions he had been told to stay away.
The police were nowhere to be seen to protect the people and stop lootings.
Dignitaries come and go and the fellows nowhere to be seen. In his defence, even full-time elected foreign ministers dont get to do anything consequential by way of foreign policy, what to speak of interim ones.
Once I had caught up to Aahil I looked around to see if I could see the dog's owner to go over and have a word, but the owner was nowhere to be seen. I felt so angry.
The Chancellor was nowhere to be seen in his Cheshire constituency of Knutsford yesterday.
When I'm out on two wheels I see careless and dangerous drivers everywhere and our police force are nowhere to be seen.
There are no "multi-million dinar cities" near the Central Market, the Bab Al Bahrain area is still as desolate as ever, the monorail is nowhere to be seen, the Hong Kong-like skyscrapers have not materialised, the Dragon City has not happened yet (though I am told it is closer to reality), there is still no proper beach in the country, no hi-tech amusement park where the masses can go (Adhari Park is too expensive and too pedestrian) and there is nowhere for families to spend quality time.
Hudgens was nowhere to be seen at the premiere of "Charlie St.
The film did well but the actress was nowhere to be seen. She resurfaced to promote her next release, Jail .
They are the only challengers in Gateshead and Durham, where the Tories are nowhere to be seen. They also seized control of Sheffield, Hull and Burnley.
The new design is nowhere to be seen on the video for his latest single Come Undone.
3 Koo Jeong-a The Paris-based, Korean-born Koo might be the most actively absent artist in Europe: She's everywhere yet nowhere to be seen. Her fragile installations--most recently on view in Rome, Ljubljana, and Paris--display total vulnerability and verge on the invisible.
I am watching the white gannets blaze down into the water with the power of blunt spears and a stunning accuracy - even though the sea is riled and boiling and gray with fog and the fish are nowhere to be seen, they fall, they explode into the water like white gloves, then they vanish, then they climb out again, from the cliff of the wave, like white flowers - and still I think that nothing in this world moves but as a positive power - even the fish, finning down into the current or collapsing in the red purse of the beak, are only interrupted from their own pursuit of whatever it is that fills their bellies and I say: life is real, and pain is real, but death is an imposter, and if I could be what once I was, like the wolf or the bear standing on the cold shore,