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bumfuck nowhere

rude slang A particulary distant, remote location. Tim lives way out in the middle of bumfuck nowhere, so it took forever to drive there.
See also: bumfuck, nowhere

buttfuck nowhere

rude slang A particularly distant, remote location. Tim lives way out in the middle of buttfuck nowhere, so it took forever to drive there.
See also: nowhere

from nowhere

Having arrived or emerged unexpectedly. That car came from nowhere, and by the time I saw it, I couldn't stop. I wasn't expecting this job offer at all—it really came from nowhere.
See also: nowhere
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mod. bad; no good; dull. This place is really nowhere. Let’s go.
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Captivating: It may not be action-packed but Nowhere Prophet is still worth a look Moreish gameplay: Nowhere Prophet will have you coming back for more
But Victor Reyes of Nowhere to go but UP denied Okumu's firing.
Owner Neil Davies said: "I wanted Nowhere to stand out from the other cafebars in the area - and it's done just that.
He came from nowhere and just hit him - simply because Gary is a former footballer.
A young woman's fond memories of her happy childhood and loving parents are turned upside down when she learns she may have been kidnapped more than 28 years ago in "The Nowhere Child," a stunning debut by Christian White.
In terms of championships, Fajardo is nowhere near Fernandez with 'El Presidente' owning 19 titles and that mark is more than all the other PBA clubs have achieved with the exception of San Miguel, which has 25.
"Race to Nowhere" points to the silent epidemic in our schools: cheating has become commonplace, students are disengaged, stress-related illness and depression are rampant, and many young people arrive at college and the workplace unprepared and uninspired.
In Ross MacKenzie's The Elsewhere Emporium, the magical Nowhere Emporium is so large that you couldn't see everything in it, even if you had a lifetime to look.
THE Mersey Par tnership believes Nowhere Boy's success has hugely benefited Merseyside.
In addition, courtesy of Sony Music, our outright winner will also win the complete Nowhere Boy package.
A lot can happen in 24 hours--unless you live in Nowhere, Arizona, the least-livable town in the United States, where nothing ever happens.
Finley stayed at the monastery for six maturing years and later wrote "Merton's Palace of Nowhere" in order to share with his readers a taste of what he had learned on his spiritual journey under the guidance of one of the great religious figures of our day.
The 18-year-old was left with 'nowhere to run and nowhere to hide' after becoming trapped in Andrew Green's Audi.
Talented six and seven-year-olds from Wylam First School, Northumberland, have created a film called The Hungry Robot; young people at Washington's Art Centre have made a film called Alice; and students from Beacon Hill Sixth Form in North Shields have produced The Middle of Nowhere.