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Of course they're worth something, but you see, nobody's buying them now.
Philip felt in the letter the satisfaction of a man who for many years had disapproved of his courses and now saw himself justified.
Micawber, with some pride, 'for meeting the destiny to which we are now understood to be self-devoted, I beg to report them.
Micawber being now on the eve of casting off the pecuniary shackles that have so long enthralled him,' said Mrs.
If they want to jump down, now, and get into trouble, who objects?
Now it was an optimistic opinion on the panic, a funny story, a serious business talk, or a straight take-it-or-leave-it blow from the shoulder.
There was that Eastern syndicate, negotiating with him now to take the majority of the stock in the Sierra and Salvador Power Company off his hands.
The night had now become so dark as to render objects, without the reach of the light of the fire, not only indistinct, but in most cases invisible.
In place of the falling net were now to be heard the quick strokes of the oars, and the noise of the rope running out of the boat.
Making a halt in his reflections at this place, Mr Squeers again put his glass to his lips, and drawing a dirty letter from his pocket, proceeded to con over its contents with the air of a man who had read it very often, and now refreshed his memory rather in the absence of better amusement than for any specific information.
Tell me all about it again,' cried Peg, with a malicious relish of her old master's defeat, which made her natural hideousness something quite fearful; 'let's hear it all again, beginning at the beginning now, as if you'd never told me.
But perhaps you did not know that she is now gone back to him again, and that a perfect reconciliation has taken place between them?
If Tim's eligible now, he was eligible the first time.
No go, 't all," said Haley; "wouldn't take her for a present,--fact,--I've seen, now.
He sits at the same table with her at meals, generally speaking; he may now and then be addressed more or less kindly on insignificant matters, and have the opportunity to show her some small attentions on deck.