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Noting that IRS Commissioner Mark Everson will be a featured speaker at TEI's Midyear Conference in March, Mr.
"Virtually all of the people who die of [combat] wounds die of blood loss," Cowan explained, noting "there are people alive today because we put that product in the field."
he asked, noting that several TEI members have reported that the time limits agreed upon in their LIFE memorandum of understanding (MOU) have been adjusted to respond to this new initiative.
5, noting that "[e]ven if statistical findings are repudiated, they can still perpetuate statistical myths"; and H.
The court supported this conclusion only by noting that monetary remedies under Title VII were limited to back pay and that other courts had found back pay awards to be taxable.(41)
Hubbard likened the definition of internal use software--particularly in respect of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems--to a bowl of spaghetti, noting that it was hard to separate a single piece.
Noting he is in his last year as LMSB Commissioner, Mr.
Olson concluded by noting that a revision of Schedule M-1 may hold greater promise for increasing the transparency of corporate tax returns and enhancing compliance and examinations than public disclosure of tax returns.
He emphasized that the Treasury Department has not rushed into this issue, noting that it issued the White Paper last year in order to obtain taxpayers' input.
Samuels deferred discussion of the issue, noting that it affects a TEI member who has raised the issue directly.
Noting that the IRS wants employers to honestly evaluate the efficacy of the system, he agreed that the employer liability issues raised by the original program (which called for questions about the return to be transmitted through the employer as the return transmitter) had been a "real problem." Mr.