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notify someone about someone or something

to inform someone about someone or something. Please notify the insurance company about the accident. I have to notify the doctor about Ed, who is ill.
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notify someone of something

to inform someone about something. Can you notify my parents of my arrival at the airport? We were notified of it last night.
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As for notifying the FTB, one CPA proffers this cost-effective method: Simply send the FTB a copy of the Revenue Agent's Report, with a cover memo saying, in essence, "Here is a copy of what the IRS did; please assess the tax and send a bill.
Tartaglia said the company would investigate the incident and consider notifying the school district in the future.
17) Notifying the consular official does not necessarily mean or include providing an explanation of the reason for the arrest or detention.
Posters will be placed in high school and middle school classrooms notifying students of the hotline.
To avoid any difficulty that may occur due to the delivery issues that may arise from this hijacking, Maxim is in the process of notifying the customers for whom these parts were intended.
As a general rule, LAPD representatives will inform the spouse first, alone, and follow the spouse's wishes regarding how the representatives should handle notifying other family and friends.
Notifying residents of potentially controversial developments is again a hot topic, touched off by residents complaining they weren't informed about a new transitional home for homeless mentally ill people.
By taking immediate action and notifying the 68 laboratories that received the recalled product, Dade Behring mitigated the risk to patients and to date no injuries have been reported as a result of this problem.
Council members noted a test program in Reseda, Woodland Hills and Van Nuys achieved a 49 percent voluntary compliance rate from property owners sent letters by volunteers notifying them of problems such as cars parked on lawns, graffiti, and excessive trash and vegetation.
On November 11, 2004, the Company received a letter dated November 11, 2004 from The Nasdaq Stock Market, notifying the Company that for the last 30 consecutive business days, the bid price of the Company's common stock has closed below the minimum $1.
The morning of March 28, the district began notifying schools to stop serving the berries, though it didn't tell food service workers why, and didn't yet know whether its food was among the contaminated lots, said Alan Tomiyama, a LAUSD deputy business manager.
School officials then scheduled a Tuesday news conference in which they said fliers would be sent home with children notifying parents of the health threat.
BD initiated a field corrective action that included notifying customers worldwide and asking them to perform a test to verify the functioning of each instrument.