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notify someone about someone or something

to inform someone about someone or something. Please notify the insurance company about the accident. I have to notify the doctor about Ed, who is ill.
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notify someone of something

to inform someone about something. Can you notify my parents of my arrival at the airport? We were notified of it last night.
See also: notify, of
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Figure 26: Create an IoT-Embedded Application Touch Notifier Template
In response to the blocking of Breakup Notifier Lowenherz created Crush Notifer, which allows Facebook users to "crush" friends in the hope of getting crushed back,
Included in the Voice Terminal Service, Audiopoint's Notifier broadcast system securely pushes important information to up to 5,000 individual recipients with single-point activation and delivery authentication.
The IP Notifier alerts FirstClass users to incoming mail whenever they are connected to the network, even when not logged in to FirstClass.
Launched in June 1999, the DealTime web site offers users the ability to track their product selections over time and to be notified by e-mail, pager and the DealTime Notifier when new deals become available.
Users can be notified of acceptable deals by email, pager, cell phone and its proprietary Desktop Notifier.
For instance, if a user posts a photo to a social network, they can receive feedback instantly via Notifier to their preferred device such as mobile, desktop, tablet, or TV.
Tenders are invited for Non Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract of notifier make fire detection system of 27 underground stations of L-2, L-3 & L-6 including for shaft of DMRC Ltd.
Elle permet de signaler a l'utilisateur des informations sur le numero qui l'appelle et le notifier par exemple d'un avertissement en cas de suspicion, rapporte le site [beaucoup moins que]01net.
10 -- The Martian Notifier is a good pick for those who want a watch that just happens to have some smart features.
The main sponsors (companies) of the event are: McWane, Remtec, AGAS, Notifier, Chemetron, ATP, RMI and Nalco.
When programmer Dan Leowenherz released Breakup Notifier earlier this week, he didn't expect the unassuming Facebook app to garner the attention that it did.
London, Feb 22 (ANI): A new application on Facebook called the Breakup Notifier sends you an email when the love of your life who is in a relationship with someone else, breaks up.
The additional data and information provided by the notifier failed to eliminate the concerns that led to an initial refusal, in 2007(1) , to include this active substance in Annex I of Directive 91/414/EEC on placing on the market of plant protection products (list of authorised substances).