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I noted with interest that the Women's Day order form includes the now-familiar boilerplate, "Occasionally we give permission to qualified organizations to mail to our subscribers." But I hadn't often noticed two options:
The OCC's regulations permit the ALJ to take official notice of "any material fact which may be judicially noticed by a United States district court and any material information in the official public records of any Federal or state government agency." 12 CFR 19.36(b)(1).
Have you noticed what is going on the in the accounting profession?
Have you noticed the Wall street analysts who are squirming in their seats as it becomes obvious they sold their soul and recommended stocks to you and I that they knew were dogs?
For something to be noticed, it must be perceivable.
These examples are meant to illustrate that what can be noticed is bounded by what makes sense in our culture.
As they are noticed, they seem to notice in return.
Maybe no one has noticed when I've been the only black woman in the grocery store using a wheelchair or the only young black woman walking around with a cane.
These are the folks who worry the most about being noticed. I know these folks because I've been one of them from time to time.