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which served a Golub Notice without the additional five days for mailing.
The facility is required by law to maintain the privacy of the resident's PHI with a list of the duties and practices of the facility with respect to PHI; and further, the facility is required to abide by the terms of the notice currently in effect.
After identifying seven business units with about 207,000 affected policyholders, the company modified its systems to automatically generate privacy notices to these policyholders by the July 1 deadline.
If I claim to notice a 10-foot-long dancing jelly bean in my living room, it is doubtful that others will agree.
After a hearing on the matter, the district court concluded that the failure of the warrant to provide notice of service breached the Fourth Amendment.
The probability of providing both advance general and specific notice was about equal among unionized and nonunionized establishments in the six States reporting information on union status.
The Tax Court's decision about whether the IRS had met the standard was based on what the IRS did after it had mailed the first notice and the Post Office returned it.
The Thomas family failed to file prior written notice of the acquisition and failed to submit evidence rebutting the presumption that they were acting in concert and acquired control of First Western.
Bernard observed that the Notice is silent in respect of when the dividend reinvestment plan must be completed.
Luis 'Jon-Jon' Ferrer-A total of 17 absences ( 6 without notice, 11 with notice )
Some employees may have more generous notice rights according to their contract of employment.
The IRS mailed the taxpayer a notice of the secretary's final determination denying innocent spouse relief and stating that she had 90 days to file a petition for review with the Tax Court.
When we step away from the screen, and watch the movie from further back, or from the projection booth, we might notice different things.
Under the FDI Act and the Board's regulations, the ALJ is responsible for conducting proceedings on a notice of charges.
The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) has created a Voluntary Correction Program (VCP) that allows plan administrators to correct their failure to comply with the PBGC's participant notice requirements.