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a whole nother story

informal Used to emphasize the difference between two things being discussed. A: "OK, so that's what happened last night. What happened with Jack?" B: "Oh geez, that's a whole nother story!" My back is feeling better, but my head is a whole nother story. A: "I've been here 10 years already, so I don't think becoming a manager will be a big transition." B: "Are you serious? No, managing employees is a whole nother story."
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whole other thing

Something very different to, and often more difficult or complicated than, something else. Often spoken or written more colloquially as "whole 'nother thing." I don't know what you think you know from working in television, but working on a film is a whole other thing! It's one thing to babysit your friends' kids from time to time, but having your own children is a whole 'nother thing.
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whole nother thing

Rur. a completely different matter. (Often "corrected" to a whole other thing. The word nother is a shortening of another.) Borrowing! That's a whole nother thing! I thought you said stealing!
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"A" nother very vigorous depression is likely to develop across the Atlantic in in A conjunction with the very strong jet stream, passing to the north of Scotland on Saturday.
"Jabil is bringing its healthcare divisions in under the Nypro brand and management, creating one the largest healthcare manufacturing and development companies in the world," said Nother. "Nypro's healthcare business is worth 308 million euros and Jabil's is 769 million euros."
The lack of any incurred losses following the segregation error as well as JPMorgan's cooperation during the investigation were nother mitigating factors.
However, scientists also warned that further volcanic activity could be imminent as three previous eruptions at Eyjafjallajokull had all triggered eruptions at Mount Katla, a nother volcano to the east of the glacier.
Al-Sharif Khalid Al Ghalib, on his art, described the agreement as nother substantial step in a series of steps to support the Kingdom's egovernment arch as the service is esigned to speed up work, increase efficiency and reduce risk.
The 12th annual Holly Folly Celebration shows a whole 'nother side of Provincetown--instead of martinis, there's cider, and rather than drag queens singing house music, there's a performance by the Boston Gay Men's Chorus.
Next day I started rocking the mic, and it became a whole 'nother game.
And it gets you into a whole 'nother world of intense athletic rivalry."
I switehed parties, even though the bill was signed by a Republican governor, but that's a whole 'nother story'.
Whole 'Nother Deal, by Don Chaffer & Waterdeep.
The best thing to do, assuming you get nother plant, is to spray it with a systemic insecticide.
Lots of parents get freaky when kids want to bail on any ol' family get-together; traditional family parties are a whole 'nother ball of wax.
The second cut is a tribute to Waylon Jennings, wherein Black changes the lyric to "Are you sure old Waylon did it this way?" (Waylon himself makes an appearance at the end of the cut, doing it a whole 'nother way altogether.) The third cut features old country crooner Eric Idle, speaking of something completely different ...
A nother comet-hunting team relies on high-quality photographic plates at the UK Schmidt telescope at Siding Springs Observatory, New South Wales, Australia.
Road were unable to find the equaliser, Grange sneaking aS nother basket in the dying seconds and recording a 4-0 victory.