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If she is a confederate," he said, "the notes are gone long ago.
Beneath these lines was written in another hand: "See note above -- nothing can be done.
Sonia pulled her handkerchief out of her pocket, untied a corner of it, took out the ten-rouble note and gave it to Luzhin.
Open the note, take the chalk, and do as I command you.
I expected nothing at all from him," she replied--quietly enough, to all outward seeming, yet with a note of irritation in her tone.
The first notes relating to this part were written while he and I were staying together in Zurich in September 1884.
THE NOTE TAKER [with quick interest] What's a copper's nark?
The note of terms was plain, straightforward, and comprehensive, at any rate.
I slept badly," answered Anna, looking intently at the footman who came to meet them, and, as she supposed, brought Vronsky's note.
The rest of your note I know means nothing; but I am so unequal to anything of the sort, that I hope you will excuse my begging you to take no farther notice.
In a minute more the bracelet and note were in her hands.
Nay, some have been so curious, as to note, that the times when the stroke or percussion of an envious eye doth most hurt, are when the party envied is beheld in glory or triumph; for that sets an edge upon envy: and besides, at such times the spirits of the person envied, do come forth most into the outward parts, and so meet the blow.
By fastening a little note to the wing of one of these pigeons, one might have a chance to send a message there.
The writer of these Oz stories has received a little note from Princess Dorothy of Oz which, for a time, has made him feel rather disconcerted.
Glegg; "he'd most like put a small thing like a note in there.