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"MARC's notching guidelines reflect the lower recovery prospects and higher risks of write-off or enforced conversion of capital instruments for Basel III-compliant capital instruments as compared to their Basel II predecessors, particularly for banks rated lower on financial strength.
No notched lobsters died in tank A immediately after notching, and only 1 lobster died in tank B immediately after notching.
The notching device required for the most popular impact tests--notched Izod and notched Charpy--is sold separately from the test instrument.
That's the real reason you want to follow the notching and boring guidelines.
This notching comprises two notches for loss severity in light of the notes' deep subordination, and two notches for additional non-performance risk relative to the VR given fully discretionary coupons and a high write-down trigger.
Band notching on frequency-independent antennas has also been presented such as on TEM horn, log-periodic and Vivaldi antennas [16-18], but to the best of author's knowledge, a spiral antenna with band notch characteristics has not yet been reported in the open literature.
In this section, to avoid potential interference with 802.11a/b/g/n WLAN systems and downlink of X-band satellite communication systems, band notching is introduced to the base antenna described in Section 2.
As a result, Fitch has narrowed the notching differential between the DPR rating and the originator's LC IDR to three notches from four notches for TIB DPR and to two notches from three notches for Garanti DPR and Yapi DPR.
The notes' rating is also sensitive to a change in notching due to a revision in Fitch's assessment of the probability of the notes' non-performance risk relative to the risk captured in FBN's VR, or in its assessment of loss severity in case of non-performance.
The notching includes zero notches for incremental non-performance risk relative to the VR and one notch for loss severity.
Fitch has not differentiated the notching on the proposed notes from the notching on BOC's legacy Tier II notes.