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It is a variable organ with respect to its size, shape, weight, notches & fissures.
audiogram pairs) was necessary because of the prevalence issue of unilateral and bilateral notches being investigated.
Banque du Caire: The long-term LC deposit rating was downgraded by two notches to Ba3 from Ba1 and its long-term FC deposit rating by one notch to B1 from Ba3, constrained by the respective sovereign ceiling.
The goal of the analysis is to compare measurements of the lifetime of pressurized pipes with external notches against the predictions based on Eqs.
The notches, Kuzak says, provide a four percent improvement in the overall wind noise in the vehicle, and contribute to the 13% improvement of the overall quietness in the interior of the Taurus compared with the Five Hundred that it replaces.
However, if the JGB rating does get downgraded two notches to A2 with a negative outlook, the Aaa rating of the funds will be placed under review for possible downgrade, it said.
Codes don't directly address how many holes and notches you can cut in a joist.
The strips are connected only by notches, keeping the sheet intact for easy handling during the coating, cooling and stacking process.
2-5] Notches are attractive as antennas because of their bandwidth of several octaves and because they can be economically produced using printed circuits.
In a forested place called Four Notch, Houston had blazed trails through the fireants, cardinals, dogwood, and poison ivy by cutting four notches in tree trunks.
Instead, he proposes the animal used the notches in its teeth as a filter to catch fish or shrimp-sized invertebrates.
0 Oreo is reportedly going to have support for smartphones with notches similar to the one on Apple's iPhone X.
The 'AAA' rating of the covered bonds is based on ABN's Long-Term Issuer Default Rating (IDR) of 'A+', an IDR uplift of two notches, a payment continuity uplift (PCU) of six notches and a recovery uplift of two notches.