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Material constitutive equations, Equation (1) gives four equations the rest of three equations can be determined from the equivalence of increments of the total distortional strain energy density, Equation (3) to obtain the set of seven independent equations necessary to completely solve elastic--plastic notch-tip strain and stress responses for a notched component subjected to multiaxial non-proportional cyclic loads in Equation (4).
2] keeping other parameters constant, the lower notch band moves keeping upper notched band unaffected.
The maximum value of group delay is about 7 ns at center frequency of the notched band.
The notched bands have high selectivity (-10-dB FBW are 13.
As can be seen in Figure 2, the percentage of LE and/ or RE notched audiograms (pluses) reaches a maximum in the 50 yr decade (32.
Three (12%) treatment lobsters in tank C died immediately after being notched, before formal data recording began.
For the frequencies outside the notched bands, the gains reach as high as 6.
Result of the reference antenna without notched characteristics is also shown for comparison.
The proposed notched technology requires no additional circuit and exhibits design flexibility.
The surface current distributions on the proposed antenna at the two notched frequencies are shown in Figures 8(a) and(b).
18) used notched specimens of epoxies in their experiment to investigate toughening of plastics by the addition of rubber particles.
Sometimes the system allows notched music to be recorded, and sometimes it fails to record music that is not notched.
In recent years, many kinds of narrowband resonators have been embedded in UWB antennas for the notched bands, because there are several other existing narrowband services which occupy frequency bands within the designated UWB bandwidth, and the problem of electromagnetic interference has drawn heavy attention from researchers.
As important compact UWB antennas, printed monopole antennas with frequency notched function have attracted more and more attention [6-8].