notch above

a notch above

Noticeably better than someone or something else, though not by a huge margin. The sequel is a notch above its predecessor in terms of its direction and production values, but as far as the plot goes it is just as atrocious. She's definitely a notch above the last presenter they had running the show.
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notch above (someone or something)

 and a notch better than (someone or something)
Fig. a little higher in quality than someone or something. This latest candidate we interviewed seems a notch above the rest, so let's hire her. That telescope is a notch better than the others in terms of magnification.
See also: above, notch
References in classic literature ?
That was a notch above even the black- smith's domestic grandeurs, and it hit him hard; you could see it.
According to a press release published on 6 April 2017, Fitch upgraded Metinvests Long-Term Foreign-Currency Issuer Default Rating to B (stable outlook) from RD, which is one notch above Ukraines B- country ceiling.
Light rains were recorded in parts of national capital even as the mercury settled a notch above normal.
Moody's has South Africa two notches above junk with a negative outlook, Fitch rates the sovereign one notch above junk with a stable outlook and Standard & Poor's (S&P) rates the sovereign the lowest -- one notch above junk with a negative outlook.
Fitch currently rates the Philippines a notch above junk.
That's its lowest investment-grade rating and one notch above "junk" status.
Citing Puerto Rico's budget gap, New York-based Standard & Poor's Ratings Services lowered the government's general obligations rating to 'BBB-' from 'BBB', one notch above junk, reports News Is My Business (March 13, 2013).
Consequently, ATB's Long-term local currency IDR has therefore been affirmed at 'BBB', one notch above the Long-term local currency IDR of Tunisia.
Spanish consumer prices rose at their fastest pace in 16 months in September, data showed, one more headache for Madrid after ratings agency S and P downgraded its sovereign debt to one notch above junk overnight.
ONE NOTCH FROM JUNK As investors wait for news on Spain's decision on the European bailout, ratings agency Moody's said on Monday it will publish a review on the country's sovereign debt, just one notch above junk grade, sometime this month.
The downgrade to the level of just a notch above speculative grade mainly reflected the Spanish government's intention to borrow up to 100 billion euros from the European Union's bailout fund to recapitalize its banking system, that will "further increase the country's debt burden," the rating agency said.
Those of us who carry the flag of a politician are viewed generally by the public as a form of low-life barely one notch above that of the bankers.
The notching of our rating on Asigna at one notch above the foreign currency sovereign rating reflects our opinion that the clearinghouse's willingness and ability to service its obligations is superior to the sovereign's, and, in a hypothetical default of the sovereign, there is a measurable probability that Asigna would not default," S&P analyst credit analyst Ricardo Grisi explained.
Freshened up by a month's break and back on a more favourable surface, she is potentially a notch above these rivals.