notch above

a notch above

Noticeably better than someone or something else, though not by a huge margin. The sequel is a notch above its predecessor in terms of its direction and production values, but as far as the plot goes it is just as atrocious. She's definitely a notch above the last presenter they had running the show. George is a notch above Brad at running this project, but that still isn't saying much.
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notch above (someone or something)

 and a notch better than (someone or something)
Fig. a little higher in quality than someone or something. This latest candidate we interviewed seems a notch above the rest, so let's hire her. That telescope is a notch better than the others in terms of magnification.
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References in classic literature ?
That was a notch above even the black- smith's domestic grandeurs, and it hit him hard; you could see it.
Although the overall volumes registered a notch above 50M (still anemic), volumes were mainly contributed by Cement Sector (13.5M), followed by Banks (5.7M) and Technology (5.1M).
Both Moodys Investors Service and Fitch Ratings have reaffirmed a credit rating of one notch above minimum investment grade for the Philippines.
However, Halan said, its ratings can be maintained one notch above the sovereign rating due to the company's strong credit metrics, low dependence on the domestic economy (70 per cent of revenue generated through exports and overseas) and superior access to the international capital markets.
The rating is a notch above the minimum investment grade and the stable outlook indicates the absence of factors that can change the rating within the short term.
This is reflected in the sovereign constraint on Reale Mutua's ratings at 'BBB+', a notch above the sovereign rating, in recognition of Reale Mutua's strong credit profile and international diversification into Spain (A-/Stable), where the group sources around 20% of its net premiums.
While this exercise showed that the counterpart risk assessment would be three notches above the bank's b1 baseline assessment, the rating was ultimately capped at one notch above Cyprus' sovereign credit rating, Moody's said.
There was slight relief during the day on Saturday as the maximum temperature settled at 20.8, a notch above the season's average."The sky will remain clear on Sunday with moderate fog in the morning and mist during the day,"an official said.
Summary: ChinaEe's GDP expanded 6.9% yoy in Q1, a notch above the 6.8% in Q4 2016.
According to the Met department, the minimum temperature was recorded at 25.3 degree Celsius, a notch above normal.
Light rains were recorded in parts of national capital even as the mercury settled a notch above normal.
The alert status for the 1,715-metre volcano remained at one notch above normal despite the latest activity, he said.
Moody's has South Africa two notches above junk with a negative outlook, Fitch rates the sovereign one notch above junk with a stable outlook and Standard & Poor's (S&P) rates the sovereign the lowest -- one notch above junk with a negative outlook.
But the ones that are a notch above this have a quality that can only be described as a touch of magic about them as they cast us under their spell.