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(2006) investigated the action of the Numb gene (Notch inhibitor) on Notch signaling, particularly on Notch-1 and Notch-4 subtypes.
Lobulated form of foetal spleen revealed as notches on the superior border near to anterior end of spleen.
When notched bodies experience a cyclic loading, the elastic stresses and strains at the notch root can be associated to the function of actual elastic-plastic stresses and strains at the notch root using the Neuber rule [1] or the ESED method [2].
In this paper, a compact UWB antenna with triple notched bands is proposed.
To minimize damage to other trees, it is essential to drop the tree exactly where you want it and control its fall as long as possible--the open-faced notch is the key.
They discovered that the Notch signal is transduced into HSC precursor cells from signal emitting cells in the somite--embryologic tissues that eventually contribute to development of major body structures, such as skeleton, muscle and connective tissues--much earlier in the process than previously anticipated.
The Analysis of Crack Initiation Location Near V-Shaped Notch Tip
The mandibular notch is clinically significant for surgical and reconstructive procedures, as it assists maxillofacial surgeons in their surgical approach and management within this region (Clauser et al., 1995; Mintz et al., 1998; Mohammad et al.).
The purpose of the present study is to explore the presence or absence of the glenoid notch and the distribution of the type variations of glenoid cavity in dry scapulae bones.
The mortgage covered bond rating is based on UBS's Long-Term IDR of 'AA-', an IDR uplift of two notches and a recovery uplift of one notch.
* Google Pixel renders with no display notch spotted online
The shape of intercondylar notch, the intercondylar notch width index, the intercondylar notch height index, the a angle, the [sz] angle, and the medial and lateral tibial plateau slope were measured with MRI and compared.
In a leaked picture, the Galaxy S10 Plus prototype is showcased with a disguised corner notch.
The front camera 'notch' introduced by the iPhone X has made its way to Android smartphones with varying degrees of acceptance.