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FLA director general Martin Hall said: "In the longer run the OFT may make it not worth the candle for lenders to offer zero introductory rates and consumers would lose out and new entrants would find it harder to enter the market place.
Ms Hewitt backed down because the game was not worth the candle, but the Government was also anxious about a growing revolt against the measure among Labour MPs.
He remarked: "Criminals from Liverpool who are concerned in the supplying of heroin or any other Class A drug in this area must come to realise that the game is not worth the candle.
Some of them are not worth the candle in that the only thing they could possibly prepare a student for is a career teaching that same subject.
His most incisive thrust concerned the views of the England players that it was not worth the candle if even one person was hurt while a cricket match was being played.
Legal aid is not supposed to fund fanciful cases that many people would regard as not worth the candle.