not to worry

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not to worry

1. That is not a problem; don't worry about it. A: "It looks like the file was deleted when the computer crashed." B: "No to worry, there should be a backup copy."
2. I would be happy to. A: "Would you mind emptying the dishwasher for me?" B: "Sure, not to worry."
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Not to worry.

Inf. Please do not worry. Bill: The rain is going to soak all our clothes. Tom: Not to worry, I put them all in plastic bags. Sue: I think we're about to run out of money. Bill: Not to worry. I have some more travelers checks.
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not to worry

used to reassure someone by telling them that a situation is not serious.
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ˌnot to ˈworry

(informal, especially British English) it is not important; it does not matter: ‘Oh, damn! We’ve missed the train!’ ‘Not to worry. There’ll be another one in five minutes.’
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Not to worry

phr. Don’t worry. You lost your ticket? Not to worry. I’ll give you mine.
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not to worry

There is nothing to worry about; there is no need to be concerned: "But not to worry: it all ... falls into place in the book's second half, where the language is plainer" (Hallowell Bowser).
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A THEY told you not to worry and, if you have the means to pay, don't.
Not to worry -- we hold instructors classes to bring you up to date.
The suit also contends that when the teenager told Hickey about her deep concerns and conflicts over having the abortion, Hickey told her not to worry about it, and offered such advice as "welcome to the adult world," "time heals everything" and "someday you'll look back on this and laugh.
Loewy and Manber encourage patients not to worry around bedtime, but to carve out a "worry time" during the day for fretting.
When you're struggling to get your users back on-line, it's an added value not to worry about restarting your storage management software.
But not to worry, the concern for the plight of the homeless remains a high priority for City Hall.
While the release of Windows 95 on August 24th is indeed creating tremendous demand, we're telling our customers to buy what they need, and not to worry about other companies' scare tactics.
Gregg is accustomed to having no control over his situation, so he's learned not to worry about it.
Not to worry though - the music is as authentic as denim overalls, with just enough hints of experimentation (An acoustic truck-driving song?
He says not to worry and everything's going to be all right.
Rose bushes may look like they were forced into an early spring, but these experts say not to worry.