not think of something/of doing something

not think of (doing something)

1. To not conceive of the idea of doing something. Ah, I didn't think of restarting the computer to fix the issue. I'll try that now. When I asked him why he didn't just use his spare key, he said he just hadn't thought of doing that.
2. To refuse to consider doing something. I wouldn't think of getting a tattoo like that on my neck! We won't think of agreeing to a deal that is so ethically questionable.
3. To not remember to do something. Sorry, I didn't think of getting milk while I was at the store.
See also: not, of, think
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not ˈthink of something/of doing something

(used with wouldn’t, couldn’t, won’t or can’t) definitely not do something; never do something: I wouldn’t think of buying one of those ugly modern houses.
See also: not, of, something, think
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