not think of something/of doing something

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not think of (doing something)

1. To not come up with the idea of doing something; to not remember to do something. Ah, I didn't think of restarting the computer to fix the issue. I'll try that now. Sorry, I didn't think of getting milk while I was at the store.
2. To refuse to consider doing something. I wouldn't think of getting a tattoo like that on my neck! We won't think of agreeing to deal that is so ethically questionable.
See also: not, of, think

not ˈthink of something/of doing something

(used with wouldn’t, couldn’t, won’t or can’t) definitely not do something; never do something: I wouldn’t think of buying one of those ugly modern houses.
See also: not, of, something, think
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All day yesterday I could not think of anything else.
Here's a good idea: Let's all try to not think of it the same way Brian Jordan will not think of it.
Sales people and executives who do not think of their laptops as primary computers.
We do not think of them as gifts that originate with us.
Middle-class Americans do not think of themselves as haters.
We could not think of anyone better to lead our network users through the penny stock market than Peter Leeds.