not supposed to

supposed to

1. Intended, expected, or believed to do something. This new software is supposed to make things a lot more efficient, but I find it so confusing that everything is taking me twice as long! We're supposed to arrive around 3 PM, assuming our flights aren't delayed.
2. Required or obligated to do something. I was supposed to be home an hour ago—my parents are going to kill me! Please don't distract him, he's supposed to be cleaning his room.
3. Allowed or permitted to do something. (Chiefly used in questions and negative constructions.) You're not supposed to go in there! Are you sure you're supposed to be in here?
See also: supposed

(It's) not supposed to.

 and (Someone's) not supposed to.
a phrase indicating that someone or something is not meant to do something. (Often with a person's name or a pronoun as a subject. See the examples.) Fred: This little piece keeps falling off. Clerk: It's not supposed to. Bill: Tom just called from Detroit and says he's coming back tomorrow. Mary: That's funny. He's not supposed to.
See also: not, supposed
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NAFDAC is not supposed to be in the ports but we will go there so we can stop unsafe drugs and unregistered products from coming into the country.
Justices are not supposed to interfere in political matters, Senator Sergio Serge Osmena III said on Wednesday.
This innovation ensures that labels that are not supposed to be dispensed onto a pack remain on the backing strip and are wound together with the backing strip.
Is it true that you are not supposed to wash mushrooms?
Summary: The race for Egypt's first president after ousted autocrat Hosni Mubarak was not supposed to look like this.
3 : given permission <I'm not supposed to stay out after dark.
First, under Canon Law, priests are not supposed to belong to political parties and are prohibited from running for, or holding, public office, unless there is serious necessity for the "protection of the rights of the Church or the promotion of the common good.
It's not supposed to be a trade, it's supposed to be we save lives and we all come home and feel good about it.
Approximately 27% of the students surveyed reported setting something on fire that they were not supposed to at least once during the previous 12 months before the survey.
The short answer is that non-profit, 501(c)(3) groups exist to serve the public good and are not supposed to be focused on partisan politics.
I am very proud of my service, especially since I was technically not supposed to be in the military.
These black and white photos were not supposed to reach the world: the Nazi order to destroy all personal photos brought to each concentration camp was meant to destroy memories as much as evidence.
Another problem: The peacekeepers are not supposed to fight.
Was it not supposed to be the primary guardian of the smooth functioning of the international exchange rate system?