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It is not rocket science to write a few letters explaining the details of an accident to the insurance company.
It's not rocket science and it's nothing to do with the weather.
It is not rocket science for goodness sake for each country to take a pro rata number of immigrants, isn't it also time to send troops to support the air strikes ?
It's not rocket science to select the man who scored 20 goals for the champions.
It's not rocket science Kate Hobbyfarmer Clamp so it doesnt matter the money they spent on the cameras could have been spent repairing the roads instead?
It's not rocket science and that quality needs to improve.
Surely it cannot be beyond the wit of man to design them, it's not rocket science.
Notice her body language; if she's been avoiding you for too long, it's not rocket science that she's not interested.
It's not rocket science, it will save a lot of headaches and stress for everyone suffering every morning.
It's not rocket science but who wants to visit a place where public conveniences are closed?
Not rocket science, perhaps - but Jack Daniel's & Cola has won the admiration and respect of the entire trade - even rivals - with this premix execution, which has seen distribution exceed its parent brand and repeat purchase as good as any launch observed by the judges.
Jenny, Rugby Not rocket science I am sick to the back teeth of people trying to defend jockeys for the indefensible.
That's certainly not rocket science, but it really is a matter of breaking old habits and entertaining new thinking, and that's not always something that finance executives--many struggling to stay afloat in a raging sea of deadlines and regulatory pressures--have had time to consider.
Clearly, it's not rocket science to say that the tax law is too complex, that complexity is expensive to deal with and, moreover, that complexity can both lead to noncompliance and spawn unintended consequences.
This house sees the idea turn a corner, literally, extending this concept along two facades; not rocket science, perhaps, but nevertheless beautifully executed.