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They walked about the garden paths with thoughts of their own concerns entirely uppermost, bringing their actions at every moment in jarring collision with the dim ghosts behind them, talking as though the time when Tess lived there were not one whit intenser in story than now.
He was a mighty beast, mightily muscled, and the urge that has made males fight since the dawn of life on earth filled him with the blood-lust and the thirst to slay; but not one whit less did it fill me with the same primal passions.
In this respect they were not one whit less human than we.
Bhaer paused, outtalked but not one whit convinced, Jo wanted to clap her hands and thank him.
Argives," said he, "slacken not one whit in your onset; father Jove will be no helper of liars; the Trojans have been the first to break their oaths and to attack us; therefore they shall be devoured of vultures; we shall take their city and carry off their wives and children in our ships.
All the livelong day, there is a grinding of organs and clashing and clanging of little boxes of music; for Manchester Buildings is an eel-pot, which has no outlet but its awkward mouth--a case-bottle which has no thoroughfare, and a short and narrow neck--and in this respect it may be typical of the fate of some few among its more adventurous residents, who, after wriggling themselves into Parliament by violent efforts and contortions, find that it, too, is no thoroughfare for them; that, like Manchester Buildings, it leads to nothing beyond itself; and that they are fain at last to back out, no wiser, no richer, not one whit more famous, than they went in.
He added: "The elites care not one whit about America's school system and schoolchildren.
But now that I'm in full possession of that knowledge, not one whit of which I can't divulge.
Both of those options carry much less negative connotation than this alternative: "Or was she a simply a sociopath, one equally devoid of integrity and empathy, who cared not one whit for the victims of her rapist husband and focused her energies on discrediting and silencing those victims in order to continue accumulating wealth and power?
But for Kierkegaard, objectivity "is not one whit better" than isolated subjectivity, since it falls back into the error of paganism, in which one becomes a self through the universal actualized in the state.
This evidence I believe will be of not one whit of help to you," Larochelle said, addressing the trial judges.
They cared not one whit about democracy when they held the greater part of humanity in colonial thrall, including the people who lived in what is modern day Syria.
The fact that the employee is disgraced former Chelsea Housing chief Michael McLaughlin helps Murray not one whit, even though it was Murray himself who requested the probe.
Southern California leads 38-18-2, but everyone knows that matters not one whit come 4 p.
The bride emerged from the Abbey as Princess William of Wales, the Duchess of Cambridge, the Countess of Strathearn, Baroness Carrickfergus and a future queen, which makes her not one whit better than the fine young woman who entered it as plain Kate Middleton.