not one/a jot

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not a jot

Not even a tiny or the smallest amount (of something). I worked all of that overtime and received not a jot of extra cash for my efforts. Look at him—there's not a jot of shame in his eyes for what he's done. A: "Did you get any help on your assignment from the study group?" B: "Not a jot. They were all too busy gossiping."
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not one/a ˈjot (or ˈtittle)

(informal) not even the smallest amount: There’s not a jot of truth in the story.It seems that his divorce has not affected him one jot.She doesn’t seem to care a jot what I do.
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References in classic literature ?
And, in so far as he could direct, he varied not one jot from the details of that vividly conceived masterpiece of hellishness during the twenty years which followed.
Though, in overseeing the pursuit of this whale, Captain Ahab had evinced his customary activity, to call it so; yet now that the creature was dead, some vague dissatisfaction, or impatience, or despair, seemed working in him; as if the sight of that dead body reminded him that Moby Dick was yet to be slain; and though a thousand other whales were brought to his ship, all that would not one jot advance his grand, monomaniac object.
The lowly tally mattered not one jot to the Albion fans who wildly celebrated the club's first title for 88 years as Greening lifted the Championship trophy after the final whistle.
Tonight we play Preston and we know the lie of the land, a win and we can light the metaphorical cigars for the last two games, the Championship title bothers me not one jot.
s desire to see Warwickshire succeed has diminished not one jot.
Steve Gibson's heart and soul has been in the club for as long as I can remember - and his resolute support and unfailing devotion has diminished not one jot.
Brimming with endless energy and devil-may-care, he's a shovel-handed, lantern-jawed lump of a wildlife presenter who seems to give not one jot for the potential dangers that surround him as part of his day job.
The fact Cue Card hails from Britain will matter not one jot.
Even though he did not use any violence upon Russell Peachey and even though there's not one jot of forensic evidence on him, his clothes, or his car to link him on the death of Mr Peachey.
The rally was about showing that it matters not one jot what your skin colour or creed and that we welcome and celebrate diversity in North Wales.
Of course, it has been done many times before, but with songs as good as the title track, Loaded Like A Gun, Vermillion, and Say Goodbye, it matters not one jot.
It mattered not one jot, though, as Dons were clinical where it counted.
The problem with human rights advocates is that they concentrate their efforts on behalf of alleged criminals whereas they care not one jot about the rights of a population as a whole.
IT hasn't been the greatest of starts to our pre-season but the results matter not one jot.
Energy companies care not one jot that pensioners, the poor and the vulnerable have to make a choice between heating and eating.