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"He doesn't recognize Rogojin!" He did not move an inch, however.
Despite the game-changer mantra about CPEC day in and day out by the former Planning Minister Ahsan Iqbal work on the establishment of SEZs could not move an inch in the last PML-N government.
Basically, goalkeepers can not move an inch or even a twitch off the line as the penalty will be retaken.
A physics law says that a person did 'no' work if he carried 100 bricks on his head daylong but did not move an inch. His labour would fall in the definition of work only when he moves.
Infrastructure, for example, has been on his wish list for years, but did not move an inch in Congress even when it was controlled by Republicans.
"We are fighting for the last 2 years but we did not move an inch. I had high hopes from the Court; however, the security agencies have misguided the Court.
By first sunlight, Pakistani troops had taken positions and from then onward till the end of the war, the Indians could not move an inch forward, despite their enormous numerical superiority.
The soldiers who were about to be shipped to Marte in northern Borno felt some wrongs were being meted out to them by their commanders as such, they will not move an inch till it was corrected to fall in line with what their chief told them.
He said he did not move an inch at the venue of the Faizabad sit-in despite the fact that 12,000 teargas shells were fired to disperse the participants.
If Abassi cannot get rid of this Damocles sword on his head - the possibility of being dismissed at any time - by claiming and obtaining true independence for the institution, he will not move an inch.
He too did nothing to help as he claimed he was only instructed to remain guarding and not move an inch.
Unfortunately ER did not move an inch towards these objectives.
As he came closer, the bird, about a meter tall and with blue-gray eyes, did not move an inch. It appeared weak, he said.
Her eyes were still open and she did not move an inch. The shadow man and Lauren vanished through the wall to the left, and then the music blasted from the speakers as the song resumed and everyone moved again - but Lauren had gone.
He said they do not move an inch unless they are assured that they will be given kickbacks.