not mince words

not mince (one's) words

To speak very bluntly and directly, without regard to whether one's words may upset someone. Wow, your aunt really doesn't mince her words. Is my sweatshirt really that ugly? Let me know what you think of the story when you're done, and, please, don't mince your words.
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not mince words (or matters)

speak candidly and directly, especially when criticizing someone or something.
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mince words, not to

To speak plainly, without equivocating to avoid giving offense. This expression, also put as not to mince matters, dates from Shakespeare’s time (he used it in Othello and Antony and Cleopatra) and in effect transfers the cutting into small pieces of some object, like meat, to moderating or softening one’s language.
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Marcos did not mince words, considering that he has more leeway to directly share his opinions through his own vlog.
He added that he did not mince words when he spoke for his constituency and they had lost a great man.
The Legislature did not mince words when it removed the authority of Texas cities to restrict or prohibit plastic checkout bags," Paxton said in a December 2016 statement.
Assistant coach Paul Farbrace did not mince words when asked to assess the flashy number three's future prospects.
After all, both governments do not mince words in describing the present as a golden age of PH-China relations," the opposition senator said.
In response, netizens did not mince words when they criticized his interview.
Hariri did not mince words in his resignation letter and made it clear what the diagnosis was and the terms of addressing those challenges, stating that in order to reach a satisfactory situation for the nation, all parties are invited to exercise caution, compromise and sacrifice where necessary.
But I would not mince words when I say that we cannot meet our challenges if we continue to be a one-man show and a two-man army," he said in a clear indication to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP president Amit Shah's hold on the party.
Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri did not mince words on Saturday when he announced his resignation, fearing danger to his life from Iran and Hezbollah, a military and political organisation that owes its allegiance to Iranian regime more than it does to the Lebanese.
Understandably, their South African coach Nic Pothas was furious with the spineless effort from his wards and did not mince words in saying that only "players with character" should remain in the team.
As AU Legal Fellow Kelly Percival noted on AU's "Wall of Separation" blog, "The court did not mince words in its condemnation of the ban as an affront to the First Amendment.
Canasin sales manager Middle East Ada Lee does not mince words when she talks about owners looking to cut corners, and compromise quality.
Jaidip, did not mince words when he spoke about the struggle Indian tennis players face on the circuit.
Undaunted by vituperative attacks from a member of the ruling party, the governor did not mince words while calling for more operational flexibility for public sector banks, which account for a third of banking in the country.
Let's not mince words - this was a dirty game where the player who walked off without a bruise was very lucky.