not lose (any) sleep (over someone or something)

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not lose (any) sleep (over someone or something)

To not worry much, excessively, or at all (about someone or something). I hope you won't lose sleep over this issue with the printer. I'll call IT in the morning and see if they can fix it. Oh, he's just trying to make you feel bad—don't lose any sleep.
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not lose any sleep over something

COMMON If you say that you don't lose any sleep over something, you mean that you do not worry about it at all. I get criticized from time to time but I don't lose any sleep over it. The world No.8 insists she is not losing any sleep over the lack of a major trophy from her cupboard.
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not lose any sleep over somebody/something


lose no sleep over somebody/something

(informal) not worry a lot about somebody/something: The business does have problems at present but it’s nothing I’m going to lose any sleep over.
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