not lose (any) sleep (over someone or something)

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not lose (any) sleep (over someone or something)

To not worry much, excessively, or at all (about someone or something). I hope you won't lose sleep over this issue with the printer. I'll call IT in the morning and see if they can fix it. Oh, he's just trying to make you feel bad—don't lose any sleep.
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not lose any sleep over something

COMMON If you say that you don't lose any sleep over something, you mean that you do not worry about it at all. I get criticized from time to time but I don't lose any sleep over it. The world No.8 insists she is not losing any sleep over the lack of a major trophy from her cupboard.
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not lose any sleep over somebody/something


lose no sleep over somebody/something

(informal) not worry a lot about somebody/something: The business does have problems at present but it’s nothing I’m going to lose any sleep over.
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In another post, Saumu shared a cryptic message which read: "Kelele za mlango hazimfanyi mwenye nyumba kukosa usingizi [A homeowner does not lose sleep over the sounds the door make]."
But if that call doesn't come, I'll not lose sleep over it."
'We will not lose sleep over the empty boasts by mushroom opposition parties that are just on INEC ballot papers to make the numbers.
But gadget fans will not lose sleep over buying huggable pillow robot Somnox that helps regulate breathing for a good night's sleep.
He does not lose sleep fretting over his own legacy.
But Morath said at Wednesday's meeting that people worried about Harvey-impacted schools' ratings should "not lose sleep" over the issue, adding that his agency's decision would be "extremely rational."
"I haven't reached that 1000 games target but I have 900 odd and that's an achievement - certainly more than most - so I'll not lose sleep over that." While McGhee admits a failure to qualify "will live with us forever", the return of his and Strachan's former Aberdeen team-mate Alex McLeish as boss made the blow of going easier to bear.
Nadal has a fairly straightforward path to the last four and would not lose sleep over facing Zverev or Dimitrov, due to respective head-to-head advantages of 3-0 and 10-1.
A lack of cash is something it will not lose sleep over.
And given the amount of investments that many countries are interested in putting in, I would not lose sleep over that,' Pernia said on Thursday after news of the MCC move reached the administration.
While multiple studies are underway, for now, I will not lose sleep over not having FAEs in our psoriasis therapeutic armamentarium.
But I do not lose sleep. This job is about tough choices.
The South Africans will be keeping an eye on Dale Steyn's recovery but it is something which they might not lose sleep over in these conditions.
Neoclassical economists do not lose sleep over external costs, because they think that there is always a solution.
While Gerrard initially stated that he would not lose sleep over the comments, the midfielder has said that he felt a bit gutted, the report said.