look (oneself)

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look (oneself)

To have one's normal appearance of health or wellbeing. Often used in negative constructions. Are you feeling all right, Janet? You're not looking yourself today. After a couple days of proper rest, Jim was looking himself again.
See also: look

(not) look yourˈself

(informal) (not) look as healthy as you normally do: She wasn’t looking herself at all yesterday.He looks more himself this morning. His temperature’s come right down.
See also: look


alive/sharp Informal
To act or respond quickly: Look alive! We leave in five minutes.
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All I did was not look myself in the mirror and convince myself that this is what I'm destined to be.
Hill admitted to being somewhat uneasy about the thought of his own death, but added, "If I had not acted when I did, and in the way I did, I could not look myself in the mirror.