never/not look back

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never look back

1. To show no sign of returning to past circumstances. Once I graduate high school, I'm leaving this town and never looking back.
2. To progress without interruption or impediment. When we began this company, we just stuck with our dreams and our plans, and we never looked back.
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never/not look ˈback

(informal) (after a change of career, etc.) become very successful: She hasn’t looked back since she started her own business five years ago.He moved to New York and never looked back.
See also: back, look, never, not
References in classic literature ?
She did not look back now, but went on and on, thinking of the blue-grass meadow that she had traversed when a little child, believing that it had no beginning and no end.
The Prince was terrified; he dared not look back, and he felt his strength giving way.
Now, I pride myself on doing things neatly, and when I resolved to kill John Claverhouse I had it in mind to do so in such fashion that I should not look back upon it and feel ashamed.
Or, if you must think of the time that is passed, can you not look back to the time when I first loved you?
When they again began to walk Miss Temple did not look back to see how the youth bore this repulse; but the head of Louisa was turned several times before they reached the gate on that considerate errand.
He does not look back before disappearing, with a wavering step.
Like the story in the bible, do not look back lest you turn into a stone," Orengo said.
AaAaAeA{AaAaAeA We need to continue stro are and not look back.
The Indian did not look back from there, going on to win the opening game.
But he pleaded guilty on the basis that he did not look back again.
Stockley not look back or deliberately bend elbo' his rival It was not a red.
But we did not look back," he said while addressing lawyers in Jinnah Lounge of Lahore High Court.
Thanksgiving is almost upon us, and before our holiday feasts, why not look back at some of the year's biggest flops?
Ennaadd did not look back after that, winning a Chelmsford handicap in February before a narrow victory in conditions company in April.
WAKEFIELD coach Chris Chester insists he will not look back in anger when he takes on his former club Hull KR tonight.