not know from Adam

not know (one) from Adam

To not know who one is just by looking at them; to have never met someone before. Even though Jake had worked at the company for nearly 10 years, the boss still didn't know him from Adam. I don't blame them for not giving me permission right away. They don't know me from Adam.
See also: Adam, know, not

not know someone from Adam

Fig. not to know someone by sight at all. I wouldn't recognize John if I saw him up close. I don't know him from Adam. What does she look like? I don't know her from Adam.
See also: Adam, know, not

know (someone) from Adam, doesn't/not to

Not acquainted with someone. The Adam referred to in this mid-nineteenth century term is the first human being according to the Book of Genesis. One writer suggests that the inability to recognize Adam is the height of foolishness, since he had no name and wore only a fig leaf, but this point does not seem particularly relevant. The French have a similar saying that includes Eve as well (“Je ne connais ni d’Eve ni d’Adam”).
See also: know, not

not know from Adam

See know from Adam.
See also: Adam, know, not
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Mrs Wilby, of Tynemouth, said: "It was weird to get a call from someone who you do not know from Adam, to say that he was holding such personal details.
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