not (one's) cup of tea

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not (one's) cup of tea

Not something one prefers, desires, enjoys, or cares about. Thank you for the invitation, but long-distance cycling just isn't really my cup of tea. When I found out that reading wasn't his cup of tea, I knew that there wasn't much of a relationship in store between us.
See also: cup, not, of, tea

not one's cup of tea

Fig. not one's choice or preference. (Used to describe an activity you do not enjoy. Can sound somewhat affected.) You three visit the museum without me. Looking at fussy old paintings is not my cup of tea. Going to church, Mary said, was not her cup of tea.
See also: cup, not, of, tea

not your cup of tea

not what you like or are interested in. informal
See also: cup, not, of, tea
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She insisted that is not her cup of tea, reported.
Ellie adds that Tinie's not her cup of tea romantically, although she does have a weird celeb crush: "It's Gordon Ramsay.
But she found the emotional intensity of that atmosphere not her cup of tea. "I was very provincial," she says, grinning, "even though I'm from Brooklyn." Dance for Rudner was quintessentially about moving, without applied theatricality.
ut Kylie also said that marriage is not her cup of tea.
Is it because she is a Weegie wean and Edinburgh is just not her cup of tea?