not have the stomach for (something)

not have the stomach for (something)

1. To lack the courage, determination, or resolve to do, face, or experience something unpleasant. Can also be phrased as "have no stomach for something." The military always sounded interesting as a means of traveling the world, but I know I would not have the stomach for combat. I have no stomach for scary movies, but my girlfriend loves them.
2. To be unable to tolerate a certain food. I love living in India, but not having the stomach for spicy food makes mealtimes here rather difficult. I just don't have the stomach for rich, fatty foods like I did when I was younger.
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have the stomach for something

1. Fig. to be able to tolerate certain foods. Do you have the stomach for Tex-Mex cooking? We just don't have the stomach for onions anymore.
2. Fig. to have the courage or resolution to do something. I don't have the stomach for watching those horror movies. Ken doesn't have the stomach for fighting.
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not have the stomach for something

If you do not have the stomach for something, you are not brave and determined enough to do or experience something difficult or unpleasant. There are some jobs I would never have the stomach for and yours is one of them. These investors obviously don't have the stomach for the risks. Note: People sometimes say that someone has the stomach for something, meaning that they are brave or determined enough to do it or experience it. Although Lord Aldington still has the stomach for a fight, the older he grows, the harder it gets for him to take any great satisfaction from it.
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have no ˈstomach for something

have no desire or appetite for something because you find it unpleasant: He has no stomach for this kind of job. He should never have become a salesman.
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