not have the faintest

not have the faintest (notion)

To have no knowledge or understanding about something. He doesn't have the faintest notion how hard it is to run a business. A: "Do you know where the car keys are?" B: "I don't have the faintest, sorry."
See also: faint, have, not

not have the faintest (idea)

have no idea. informal
See also: faint, have, not

not have the ˈfaintest/ˈfoggiest (idea)

(British English, informal) have no idea at all about something; not know anything at all: I haven’t got the faintest idea what to buy Roger for his birthday.‘Where are we?’ ‘I’m afraid I haven’t the foggiest.’
See also: faint, foggy, have, not
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figure By GERALD BWISAbr When Esther Njoki saw her son-in-law George Ngugi Kinyua on Sunday last week, she did not have the faintest idea that he would be dead less than 48 hours later.According to Njoki, a resident of Rafiki village in Saboti Sub County, Trans-Nzoia County, Kinyua was a road contractor.
Miliband, let alone the Labour Party, did not have the faintest idea how this was to be accomplished.
Donald did not specify his beef and around 99% of the guests at the dinner will still not have the faintest idea the world No.1 is festering about national newspaper digs at him for never having won a major.
Anyone who has not been in combat does not have the faintest idea how traumatic that experience is, and even after discharge from the armed forces, that trauma lasts for a long time.
There is now no doubt that he did not have the faintest idea whether Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction or not and that he blindly followed George Bush into what was simply a personal vendetta.
Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary David Willetts said the confusion showed the Government 'does not have the faintest idea' of the true figure.
And their demand for first-hand sources for information about a president of the United States is far more bizarre, because it tells me these particular readers do not have the faintest idea how political journalism works or how citizens acquire their information about the inhabitants of the White House.
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