not half bad

(it's) not half bad

Pretty good; not as unpleasant as one may have originally thought. A: "I know it's your first time trying sushi. How do you like it?" B: "It's not half bad."
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not half bad

Somewhat satisfactory or good, especially compared to initially low expectations. I didn't know what to expect, but these corn dog tacos aren't half bad! A: "How was the concert that Kelly made you go to?" B: "Not half bad, actually. Those guys can actually play."
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(It's) not half bad.

It's not as bad as one might have thought. Mary: How do you like this play? Jane: Not half bad. Jane: Well, how do you like college? Fred: It's not half bad.
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not half ˈbad

(informal) (used to show surprise) not bad at all; good: The food really isn’t half bad, is it?
See also: bad, half, not
References in classic literature ?
having observed that they were not half bad, and some of my relations having promised to buy the book if it ever came out, I feel I have no right to longer delay its issue.
On the one hand the ads are not half bad, but (and it's a big but) on the other they seem to have forgotten which bank they're representing.
Their album's not half bad either, easily eclipsing that of blues-pop troubadour James Bay, who they relegated to second place in January.
That's not half bad, Warwick WEEKEND ESCAPES WITH WARWICK DAVIS STV, 8pm WE LIKE the actor and presenter of Celebrity Squares but he doesn't exactly endear himself to half of his audience at the start of his new series.
SHINER Mahrez The pacey winger looked like he was enjoying himself with his direct runs and the header was not half bad either
In the 2013 season, which has just ended, Molde finished sixth, not half bad considering they didn't pick up a point from their opening five matches.
For a car with sporting pretensions, the ride is not half bad and the grip and road holding are excellent.
Giving them full credit the results of the recent election in India turned out to be not half bad for Indira Gandhi's party, her grandson and daughter-in-law.
FORMER Villa star Paul Merson was a great footballer, and he's not half bad as a TV pundit these days.
Fifty-six percent isn't the 99 percent we've heard so much about lately, but it's not half bad.
Forbes, however, puts his brand value at a mere $200 million--still not half bad for the reality TV star.
Ultimately, she came back with an album that is not half bad.
Another three points, another goal from Shola Ameobi, another clean sheet and another crowd bigger than all but one of this week's Premier League attendances - not half bad for a club in crisis.