not go there

not (even) go there

To not pursue, explore, or continue a topic of conversation. Used humorously, the phrase usually implies that the speaker has a potentially scandalous, sensitive, or otherwise complicated association with the topic. A: "I heard you once had a crazy party with a bunch of the Hollywood A-listers—what was that like?" B: "Don't even go there. That was a crazy night best left to the imagination!" A: "So, do you ever hear from your ex-husband?" B: "Let's not go there. That divorce trial still gives me a headache!"
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not (even) ˈgo there

(informal) used to say that you do not want to talk about something in any more detail because you do not even want to think about it: We could argue about it all week, so let’s not even go there.‘Didn’t you go on a date with him?’ ‘Don’t even go there!’
See also: go, not, there
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"Why should you imagine, Elinor, that we did not go there, or that we did not see the house?