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Every instant she expected to see the impending spear of Leather-Stocking darting into the thronging hosts that were rushing beneath her, where it would seem that a blow could not go amiss; and where, as her father had already said, the prize that would be obtained was worthy any epicure.
It would seem that an apology from the Bishop to the residents of Telford regarding her comments would not go amiss.
Root confirms the veteran opener is not the type to lap up the fuss, but reasons it will be entirely appropriate on an occasion such as this - and a 33rd Test century to match his age would not go amiss either for a batsman who began his "fabulous career" with a hundred on debut in 2006.
WITHOUT appearing to reiterate, nevertheless I feel a brief update would not go amiss. I refer to a previous letter which featured in the Birmingham Mail on September 1, 2017, concerning the plight of the Wood Lane house martins.
'An apology from Mr President to the African continent and a retraction of the said vulgar statement will not go amiss.
A little training would not go amiss if councillors are unable to read plans.
This being the case, a substantial reduction in council tax would not go amiss.
Perhaps a little advertising would not go amiss as there may be many people in Huddersfield and district who are unaware of its existence.
Wayne Rooney is struggling for his best form and a bit of competition would not go amiss for the frontman role - like a marquee signing.
Wayne Rooney may be struggling for his best form, but I reckon a bit of competition would not go amiss - like a marquee signing.
There is a fare charged on the tram, but entry to the museum is free, although a donation to keep the museum running would not go amiss.
"Please take your litter home" signs or signs with stronger wording would not go amiss.
A weekly visit and walkabout by Liam Byrne, Hodge Hill MP, would not go amiss. At least he could witness the mess all us citizens of East Birmingham have to suffer.
Something a bit more respectful would not go amiss.