not for a/one minute/moment/second/instant

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not for a moment

not at all; not even for a short amount of time; never. I don't want you to leave. Not for a moment! I could not wish such a horrible punishment on anyone. Not for a moment!
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not for a moment

Never, not in the least, as in Not for a moment did I believe he was telling the truth. This expression employs moment in the sense of "the tiniest length of time," a usage dating from the mid-1300s.
See also: moment, not

not for a/one ˈminute/ˈmoment/ˈsecond/ˈinstant

(informal) not at all; definitely not: I didn’t think for a minute that he was married.Not for one instant would I ever consider going there on holiday again.
See also: minute, moment, not, one, second
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I am not for one minute supporting male bullies, however.
Not for one minute would I have suggested that the real matriarchs of the district - the Mums, Mams, Nins, Nans and Grans - were anything other than strong characters who didn't suffer fools gladly.
Not for one minute am I condemning Caixinha for being civilised to the Celtic manager who had just overseen as one-sided an Old Firm match as has been witnessed for years.
Naturally, we're all here to soak up real-life Bob on the big screen and not for one minute does the endlessly purring pussy disappoint.
I'm not for one minute suggesting that every child should undergo dental checks, [I'm] just saying that when somebody looks significantly older than 18, you can test people to make sure that they're giving their correct ages.
However, do not for one minute assume that the latest Morgans are like driving a museum exhibit from the 1930s.
It would be extremely foolish to even think that way and not for one minute do I think I've only one horse to beat.
Lyndsey Bradley Not for one minute, and I'm sick of being branded as racist because I voted out
Not for one minute did he look like giving the winner a race but he was sent off at 40-1, which would suggest not much was expected of him.
Not for one minute do I believe the council's decision is based on budget cuts.
We do not for one minute lay any blame at our waste bin collectors, this is just another Kirklees efficiency foul up.
Not for one minute am I saying that a club record run of seven successive defeats is good by any stretch of the imagination, because it isn't, and I can understand the frustration.
I'm not for one minute denying it's important to have some face to face contact in your life but we've got to be realistic about the fact that lots of people don't.
I'm not for one minute going to pretend that I'm outraged by their conversation, but such 'laddish humour' or 'bar-room banter' is offensive to Ms Massey and, by extension, to all women.
That has resulted in a return to his spiritual home and the club that set him on his way in senior rugby but not for one minute is the old head expecting to go gently into the oval ball night.