not for the world

(redirected from not for love nor money)

not for (anything in) the world

 and not for love nor money; not on your life
Fig. not for anything (no matter what its value). (Note the variation in the examples. The order of love nor money is fixed.) I won't do it for love nor money. He said he wouldn't do it—not for the world.
See also: not, world

not (do something) for (all) the ˈworld

used to say that you would never do something: I wouldn’t sell that picture for all the world.
See also: not, world
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KEMPTON WITH competition among jockeys as fierce as ever it was to Peter Hedger's amazement that not for love nor money could he find a jockey for Barnmore, shock 33-1 winner of the mile classified stakes, writes Lewis Porteous.
A true stalwart, the seasoned star always seems to bounce back but not for love nor money would I want to work in Irish television.
She also made it clear she doesn't have the heart to part with the pup - not for love nor money.