not feel (oneself)

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not feel (oneself)

To not feel physically or mentally well; to not feel as one normally should. I'm sorry for getting upset at you earlier. I just don't feel myself today. I know Mary hasn't felt herself ever since her cousin died.
See also: feel, not

not feeling oneself

 and not feel like oneself
Fig. to feel upset, troubled, or disturbed in some way. I'm sorry I said what I said. I'm not feeling myself today.
See also: feeling, not

not feel yourˈself

not feel as healthy, happy, etc. as you usually feel: I don’t feel myself this morning; I think I’ll stay at home.
See also: feel, not
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We can not feel ourselves outside the 11 teams, just say, 'This is not about us.
We, as Welsh language speakers, do not feel ourselves as on a pedestal above English-only language speakers in Wales, but we demand, and deserve, the same rights that they have.