not dream of something/of doing something

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wouldn't dream of (doing something)

Would not dare consider doing something. I'm sure Mom didn't read that letter you got—she wouldn't dream of opening someone else's mail. A: "Now, don't go telling the boss our plan!" B: "I wouldn't dream of it!"
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not ˈdream of something/of doing something

(often used with would) not even consider something under any circumstances: ‘Don’t tell Gary what I’ve bought him for his birthday.’ ‘I wouldn’t dream of it.’Only a couple of years ago he would never have dreamt of going abroad on his own, and now he’s travelling around India!
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References in classic literature ?
"Happy ferryman!" thought Gringoire; "you do not dream of glory, and you do not make marriage songs!
As I obeyed I noticed an anxious light come into Johnson's eyes, but I did not dream of its cause.
Matson; "but still we need not dream of that expedient."
Of course I did not dream of refusing him anything he asked, and gave the promise without the least hesitation.
You knew, of course, that we would not dream of leaving you in such a manner.
I did not dream of hanging back; I thought (the poor fool!) that I had found a good friend and helper, and I was rejoiced to see the ship.
But we are to relate events which he did not dream of.
While Twitter needs to do more to stop trolls, we must also hesitate before tweeting something we would not dream of saying to someone's face in social media's version of road rage.
PESHAWAR -- Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Information Shaukat Yousafzai Monday said that Bilawal Bhutto Zardari should not dream of forming government again because people want to see corrupt politicians in jail.
There are still die-hard Liberal Democrats who would not dream of changing their party.
'Our forefathers did not dream of a society where our daughters would be trafficked into other countries for sordid jobs in the guise of quality education and in the process bring disrepute and shame on not only us, but the entire Abakaliki region.
I would not dream of complaining if the restaurant is visited by local people, then they will speak their local language.
Destinations you might not dream of visiting in January are calm, cool, and collected in July, and pine-girded cabins that are socked in during snow season are yours for the taking.
Initially, she did not dream of becoming a writer even though from a young age, she enjoyed writing.
In her famous speech to the College of Europe in Bruges in 1988 she said: "Britain does not dream of some cosy, isolated existence on the fringes of the European Community.