not dream of something/of doing something

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wouldn't dream of (doing something)

Wouldn't even consider doing something in particular (stated after "of"). I'm sure Mom didn't read that letter you got—she wouldn't dream of opening someone else's mail.
See also: dream, of

not ˈdream of something/of doing something

(often used with would) not even consider something under any circumstances: ‘Don’t tell Gary what I’ve bought him for his birthday.’ ‘I wouldn’t dream of it.’Only a couple of years ago he would never have dreamt of going abroad on his own, and now he’s travelling around India!
See also: dream, not, of, something
References in classic literature ?
thought Gringoire; "you do not dream of glory, and you do not make marriage songs
As I obeyed I noticed an anxious light come into Johnson's eyes, but I did not dream of its cause.
Matson; "but still we need not dream of that expedient.
Of course I did not dream of refusing him anything he asked, and gave the promise without the least hesitation.
You knew, of course, that we would not dream of leaving you in such a manner.
I did not dream of hanging back; I thought (the poor fool
But we are to relate events which he did not dream of.
MAR esta Way both If, 19-y Unde mon De man inclu Th going phys in th ut an ro Dele Alli is eligible and the Under-21 management team would not dream of including him in the England squad.
In her famous speech to the College of Europe in Bruges in 1988 she said: "Britain does not dream of some cosy, isolated existence on the fringes of the European Community.
As it happens, my preference is for sport to be on the back pages too, but I would not dream of asking The Gazette to keep it off the front or any other page.
Vevar said that he would not dream of abusing a child, that he had never done it, and he described the allegations against him as appalling.
I am a great historian" Reaction of David Starkey, below, when contradicted on BBC Radio 4's Today programme "I have never read Twitter and would not dream of writing on it, but I have read enough to form the view that it is a modern vehicle to enable the vain, dim and vicious to prove it" Author Frederick Forsyth "I don't want to say that the film has a darker tone but the film has a darker tone" Scarlett Johansson on her new movie The Avengers "That's ridiculous.
Why not dream of creating a university that will be a bridge for peace and co-operation in a reunited Cyprus?
In most of these instances the customer who has taken the money is not a thief and would not dream of stealing, instead they've seen an opportunity too good to refuse without being aware that what they're doing is actually a criminal off-ence.
He added: "If I were Scottish, I would not dream of accepting such an arrangement because it would be far more unequal than the present one.