not (one's) day

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not (one's) day

A day that has been particularly stressful, difficult, disappointing, or filled with unfortunate events for one; not a good day. I can't believe I got locked out of the apartment. This is just not my day. I'm sorry, sweetie, I know you studied hard for that test. It just wasn't your day.
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not one's day, this is

Also, just one of those days. Nothing is going right for one today. For example, The car wouldn't start, it rained unexpectedly-this is not my day, or The phone has rung nonstop all morning; it's just one of those days. [c. 1920]
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not someone's day

used to convey that someone has suffered a day of successive misfortunes. informal
1997 A. Sivanandan When Memory Dies He sighed inwardly, this was not his day.
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Part of the problem is being solved by the trust reclassifying some patients, such as those needing cataract treatment, as outpatients, not day cases, in line with Department of Health guidance.
The best VCs are long-term investors, not day traders, and bring significant value to the businesses they fund.
I have to sometimes of course, but not day in, day out and not five days a week for 12 years.
Summary: Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India], Jan 6 (ANI): Shopkeepers in Ahmedabad on Saturday expressed distress over nationwide ban on the procurement, sale and use of glass powder-coated 'manjha', stating that if a ban had to be implemented, it should have been done a year ago and not days before the peak time of their business.
He said: "We are assessing the damage, which will probably take hours, if not days.
Insta-Party makes commonly ordered items available to clients within minutes, not days.
And for anyone who has ever had to sit through funeral speeches with their endless collection of cliches and banalities often given by someone who barely knew them, this was a tour de force which must have taken her hours, if not days, to write.
Bankers Life has raised more than USD450,000 for the Alzheimer's Association following the Bankers Life Forget Me Not Days event held throughout the country in June, the company said.
NEW average speed cameras are weeks - not days - away in the West Midlands despite signs appearing to suggest they were imminent.
MISC said, A decision on the pitched acquisition is expected within weeks if not days, although there are indications the parties involved could not agree on the sale and purchase price of THHE's assets on hand.
It also goes through rigor, but in a matter of hours, not days.
I know that in England both these services could be provided within weeks, if not days.
He underlined that Pakistan has numerous problems that cannot be solved overnight as not days not months but years and years are required to put country into right track.
Israel's Finance Minister told IDF radio the time left before Israel escalates its attacks can be measured in "hours, not days.