not believe your eyes/ears

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not believe (one's) eyes

To be shocked or surprised by what one is seeing or has seen. Oh, I can't believe my eyes! Are you really throwing the ball in the house right now? Did you really buy me a new car? I don't believe my eyes!
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not beˌlieve your ˈeyes/ˈears

(usually used with can’t or couldn’t) think that something you see/hear is very surprising: I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard my name mentioned on the radio.
See also: believe, ear, eye, not
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If you have never witnessed this display of talent, you will not believe your ears. My heart raced; I wanted to somehow capture nature's personal birthday gift to me.
But listen carefully to Alan Clayton's back to basics band, the Dirty Strangers, and you'll soon not believe your ears.