not believe (one's) ears

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not believe (one's) ears

To be shocked or surprised by what one is hearing or has heard. I can't believe my ears! You're not playing with me, right? I really got the job? Jen didn't believe her ears when she heard her sister say that she was moving to Texas.
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not believe one's ears

Fig. not believe the news that one has heard. I couldn't believe my ears when Mary said I won the first prize.
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not believe one's eyes

Fig. not to believe what one is seeing; to be shocked or dumbfounded at what one is seeing. I walked into the room and I couldn't believe my eyes. All the furniture had been stolen! When Jimmy opened his birthday present, he could hardly believe his eyes. Just what he wanted!
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His wife added: "We could not believe our eyes, after all the draw was on April Fool's Day.
We simply could not believe our eyes when we saw it with the yellow gritting lorry clearing snow on Monday morning, as they cleared the entire road in one pass!
My son and I could not believe our eyes. This was no later than 11 in the morning - in absolute broad daylight.
"We could not believe our eyes," said one astonished guest.