not believe (one's) ears

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not believe (one's) ears

To be shocked or surprised by what one is hearing or has heard. I can't believe my ears! You're not playing with me, right? I really got the job? Jen didn't believe her ears when she heard her sister say that she was moving to Texas.
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not believe one's ears

Fig. not believe the news that one has heard. I couldn't believe my ears when Mary said I won the first prize.
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not believe one's eyes

Fig. not to believe what one is seeing; to be shocked or dumbfounded at what one is seeing. I walked into the room and I couldn't believe my eyes. All the furniture had been stolen! When Jimmy opened his birthday present, he could hardly believe his eyes. Just what he wanted!
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Watching Prime Minister Imran Khan committing a faux pas, one could not believe one's eyes. While holding a joint press conference with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, Prime Minister Khan confidently said that following the Second World War, Germany and Japan conducted trade on their borders.